Importance of the Google Ranking Keyword Checker

A Google Ranking Keyword Checker is an effective way to check the status of your website’s PageRank. It is the deciding factor, in terms of popularity, to get the site to come up on Page One of Search Engines. Around 90% of internet users will only look at the first page, not unless and until they couldn’t found what they are looking for, then they will proceed to the next page. Therefore, you need to check your website’s PageRank, to bring traffic to your website, so that you can earn a substantial amount of money online. In addition, to bring traffic to your website, you also need to bring the targeted visitors to your site. You cannot reach the targeted audience through an online business without the targeted visitors, and a Google Ranking Keyword Checker is the ultimate tool for your SEO Campaign.

To begin with, if you have an existing website with the name and URL, you can check your own site to know the keywords that are popular. It is a good idea to check your own site first before you check the Google Ranking Keyword Checker because of the fact that it will give you a rough estimate about the amount of traffic that you can expect to receive if you submit the name and URL of your existing website on the Google Ranking Keyword Checker. You can check the exact keywords that are being searched in google ranking keyword checker using this method. This way you will be able to determine the right keywords to use for your own website, to get the maximum traffic that you can get.

If you do not have an existing internet site, you can create a new internet site by inserting the required URL into the Google Ranking Keyword Checker. Then you need to set the ‘exact’ or ‘top’ keywords for which you want to check the ranking. After choosing the keywords, you can click on the ‘row’ that indicates the column where you will find the ‘row width’ that is divided by the number of characters in the keyword. You can choose from the numbers up to nine, but for some keywords, you need up to twenty.

The ranking of your chosen keywords can be changed by clicking on the ‘Change’ link on the top of the checker. There are also other options available for you like selecting the ‘sort’ option that indicates the frequency with which the listings are displayed. Then you just need to check the box where you want the results sorted, according to relevancy and then press the submit button.

After you make your selections, all you need to do is to check the submission date and click the submit button. The last step is that you should see your site rank on the first page of the Google search engine for your selected keywords. Your site rank will be updated immediately on a daily basis, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the week to find out about it.

The Google Ranking Keyword Checker tool is a must for any webmaster who wants to check the ranking of his or her chosen keywords. It enables you to check the performance of your chosen keywords in relation to the search volume and the search trends for each keyword over the last 1 year. You can use it even if you are new to online marketing. It is easy to understand and you can quickly check the accuracy of the information you obtain from it. So, what are you waiting for?