Is Google Scraping Your Website?

Google’s Scraping service is one of the most controversial of all Google services. The best way you can describe it is a bit confusing because it is part of Google itself. Google SERP scraping is an often used method by many SEO specialists and Internet marketers particularly to track rankings, organic search results, ad placement and many other factors. Google is the biggest web scraper on the planet but when you attempt to scrape their web pages for information, it simply doesn’t let you do so. Let me explain.

When you go to Google and type in a search term, such as “how to scrape Google search results” or” scraping google search results”, you will get several pages with different options. Some allow you to scrape the whole Google results page for a fee, while others just scrape the first few results. If you want to access the complete data set, you have to pay the fee and you are usually only allowed to scrape the first three pages. Google has made this a little controversial for a few reasons.

One of the most important things that Google should make clear about this is that it does not handle high volume or real-time results data. If you scrape Google’s real-time results page, you might just end up hurting your ranking position. Google penalizes sites that use scraping techniques in order to manipulate their rankings. Google’s main concern is that it works hard to provide quality and informative results. By having real-time results and the ability to interact with site visitors and make changes in the future, Google views scraping as potentially being harmful to their service.

Also, Google does not support checking serp elements like URL, Meta tags and the like. Although these elements are necessary to implement high-volume searches, Google reserves its right to deactivate them in case it deems these elements as spam. This means that you can scrape Google search result pages without worrying about deactivating their elements such as alt tags, Meta tags and other useful ones. But you still need to provide accurate information and provide only the necessary information for Google to handle your website accordingly.

Lastly, you have to think twice before you start using this particular way of scraping Google search results. Most site owners who are still scraping their websites from Google using link building methods may be missing out a very important point. Link building is a great way of promoting a site and making sure that your website will rank well in Google search engine. So if you ignore link building and do not scrape Google search result pages, you may not be able to benefit from the advantages that you will get by using this method of generating traffic. It is always advisable to scrape Google search results using a link building campaign.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you follow all the guidelines and adhere to Google’s policies in order to avoid deactivation of your accounts. It is always best to use a trusted and reputed service provider to handle your Google account. Most scrappers and link building services have been working with Google for quite some time now and they are very familiar with the Google search crawlers and how it works. So you should know that you can trust them to deactivate your account whenever you feel the need to.