Adopt Me Halloween 2021 Pets List

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It’s the spooky season, which means it’s time to get a bunch of creepy pets in Roblox Adopt Me! Halloween 2021 brings a new space to discover, and a few pets that you’ll get with Candy. You will be able to earn sweet by way of finding mushrooms and making potions, plus you can chase around the headless horseman in a race where he’s going to drop sweet that you’ll collect! If you’re wondering what you can spend it all on, we’ll show you the pets which are going to be to be had this Halloween under.

If you aren’t positive when this event goes to start, take a look at our Adopt Me Halloween 2021 Countdown page!

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Adopt Me Halloween 2021 Pets

There are fairly a couple of pets this yr to assemble, and numerous them can be available for Candy! There’s the Cat Box, which you’ll get a random cat from and there’s other pets it is possible for you to to purchase outright with Candy. There’s additionally going to be more than a few items you’ll get as neatly, so keep an eye out for the ones!

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Halloween Black Mummy Cat (Uncommon)

For 600 Candy, you will be able to get one of three of the mum cats that are available within the Cat Box. The Black Mummy Cat, who has crimson ears and white bandages is the very best to get, and can pop out of the field 70% of the time.

Halloween White Mummy Cat (Rare)

The White Mummy cat could also be available within the Cat Box, and is fairly rare at a 25% drop rate. The cat has identical bandages, however they’re a bit on the tanner aspect.

Halloween Golden Mummy Cat (Legendary)

The Blue Mummy Cat aka Golden Mummy Cat is the rarest of the three, and is a low 5% drop price. This cat features orange bandages, and a bluish grey coloring.

Evil Dachshund (Rare)

The Evil Dachshund is to be had for 1,000 Candy all through the Halloween 2021 tournament! It’s similar to the Evil Unicorn that was launched in a previous Halloween update.

Halloween Blue Scorpion (Uncommon)

The Scorpion puppy is to be had within the Crypt Shop area for 300 Candy!

Skeleton Dog (Ultra-Rare)

The Skeleton Dog can be bought for 1,200 Candy within the Crypt Shop space!

Halloween White Ghost Dragon (Legendary)

The Ghost Dragon is the Robux puppy that you can purchase 1,000 Robux. This puppy is most effective to be had for a limited-time, so be sure you snap it up if you wish to have it!

Those are all of the pets from the Halloween 2021 update in Roblox Adopt Me! You can in finding all varieties of additional details about the game in the Adopt Me section of our web site.