Anime Ninja War Tycoon Codes (June 2022) – Global Rank Update!

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Roblox Anime Ninja War Tycoon, has you developing your very personal dojo to create fearsome warriors that may cross out to battle. Once you’ve constructed up sufficient of a military, you can have them attack other gamers to show off who’s stronger! Keep upgrading your base till you transform the number 1 participant in the entire lands.

This sport used to be previously known as Naruto War Tycoon, so it’s imaginable there might be some confusion with avid gamers.

If you’re searching for freebies then you’ll find them with our Anime Ninja War Tycoon codes checklist. If you aren’t sure learn how to redeem codes in Anime Ninja War Tycoon, you can learn the way beneath the codes record! Make positive to favorite this page by pressing CTRL + D to your keyboard or use the Add to Bookmark button on cell.

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All Anime Ninja War Tycoon Codes

We’ve were given the latest operating codes indexed below for Roblox Anime Ninja War Tycoon. These can also be redeemed for chi and money, which might be used to improve your base. You will want to remember to use those once possible, as a result of codes do expire after a period of time.

New Anime Ninja War Tycoon Codes

  • GLOBAL – Redeem code for 1,000 Diamonds
  • RANKED – Redeem code for 1,000 Diamonds
  • VICTORY – Redeem code for 1,000 Qualifying Points
  • LIKE – Redeem code for a Ninja Isobu

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Expired Codes

  • JIRAIYA – Redeem code for 1,000 Diamonds
  • KONAN – Redeem code for 1,000 Diamonds
  • TONERI – Redeem code for Ninja Tonery
  • HAMURA – Redeem code for 3x Summon Reels
  • KAGUYA – Redeem code for 300 Diamonds
  • HAGOROMO – Redeem code for 500 Diamonds
  • Christmas – Redeem code for 500 Bells, 250 Socks, & 100 Snowmen
  • reward – Redeem code for 2x Chi Boost & 10,000 Chi
  • snowman – Redeem code for 100 Diamonds
  • NINJA5 – Redeem code for three Summon Scrolls
  • NINJA4 – Redeem code for a 2x Chi Boost for 10 Minutes
  • NINJA3 – Redeem code for a 2x Gold and Chi Boost for 10 Minutes
  • CANDY1 – Redeem code for fifty Candies
  • CANDY2 – Redeem code for 50 Candies
  • NINJA2 – Redeem for Chi and Money
  • NINJA1 – Redeem for Chi and Money
  • NINJA – Redeem code for 3x Summon Reel
  • kurama – Redeem for a Kurama Pet
  • HINATA – Redeem code for Summon Reel
  • KAKASHI – Redeem code for Ninja Dog
  • Madara – Redeem code for 5,000 Money & 5,000 Chi
  • Hashirama – Redeem code for Money & Chi Boost
  • CHAKRA2 – Redeem code for 2,000 Chi
  • CHAKRA – Redeem code for a praise
  • Naruto – Redeem code for 500 Money
  • Sasuke – Redeem code for two,000 Money

Anime Ninja War Tycoon FAQ

How to make use of codes in Anime Ninja War Tycoon?

All you need to do is head into Anime Ninja War Tycoon and search for the Code button at the facet of the display screen. Click on it and this may open up the code redemption window. Copy one of the vital codes from our listing, paste it into the field, and hit redeem to obtain your reward!How To Redeem In Anime Ninja War Tycoon Image

How do I am getting extra codes for Anime Ninja War Tycoon?

To find more codes, be sure that to sign up for their Discord, who are the developer of the sport. Otherwise, we can be updating this wiki with all the most up-to-date codes, so make sure you bookmark the web page!

Game Description

※ Welcome to the Anime Ninja War Tycoon!
※ Build your personal ninja base and send your ninja military to attack other players!
※ More content ready for you to uncover!

Those are all of the codes we lately have listed for Roblox Anime Ninja War Tycoon. If you notice person who we’re lacking, please tell us within the comments so we will add it instantly!