Best Arena 4 Decks in Clash Royale (2022)

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Clash Royale has you mountaineering thru other Arenas to be informed new cards and get revel in on your option to the top of the ladder. If you’ve reached Arena 4, you’ll have some new things to cope with. This is basically going to be things like Miner and Inferno Tower. If you’re questioning what the best decks options are for Arena 4, we will be record them in this information!

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Best Arena 4 Decks

The absolute most sensible decks in Arena 4 are going to include the cardboard, Miner. Unfortunately, this can be a Legendary card, because of this numerous gamers don’t seem to be going to have get entry to to it. While you’re going to be at a slight drawback, there are nonetheless choices to be had to you that should work.

Arena 4 adds the next cards to the deck development pool: Miner, Skeleton Dragon, Fire Spirit, Inferno Tower, Wizard, Giant Skeleton, and PEKKA.

It seems that variants of Miner + Valkyrie Control are the best possibility for Arena 4. You are also going to look relatively somewhat of Inferno Tower in decks, so be ready to have to take care of it.

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Miner & Valkyrie Control Deck

One of the top appearing list in Arena 4 presently is that this Miner Valk Control Deck. It comprises Arrows, Fireball, Goblin Barrel, Inferno Tower, Miner, Musketeer, Skeleton Army, and Valkyrie. Arrows goes to be considered one of your best counters to Goblin Barrel, which goes to get thrown at once in your towers lovely persistently.

There’s another variant of this deck that runs Barbarian Barrel and Spear Goblins instead of Fireball and Skeleton Army. It’s as much as you which one you assume will paintings higher in your hands!

Budget: Valkyrie Bait Deck


If you’re on the lookout for extra of the cheap possibility, then this deck that doesn’t run any of the brand new Epics or Legendaries must get the job executed. It’s now not going to be the absolute best, however with somewhat of observe you must be able to get wins. You will want Barbarian Barrel, Bomber, Fireball, Goblin Barrel, Mini PEKKA, Musketeer, Skeleton Army, and Valkyrie.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to switch Fireball for Arrows and alter Bomber for Baby Dragon.

Miner & Fire Spirit Deck

Another variant of Miner Valk Control, but with some key differences. This record runs Barbarian Barrel, Fire Spirit, Fireball, Inferno Tower, Miner, Musketeer, Skeletons, and Valkyrie!

PEKKA & Battle Ram Deck

If you wish to have to go with something fairly a little different than the Miner Valkyrie Control lists, you can give this PEKKA Ram Valk deck a shot! It runs Arrows, Battle Ram, Fireball, Mega Minion, Musketeer, PEKKA, Skeleton Army, and Valkyrie!

Those are all the best decks to use for Arena 4 in Clash Royale! You can in finding extra content material on the sport in the Clash Royale section of our website!