Best Muck Seeds (Update 4) Nightblade, Speedrun Seeds

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Muck is a survival primarily based roguelike that has you destructing bushes and boulders like Minecraft, but retrieving powerups and doing one existence runs like in Hades. Part of the machine this is shared with Minecraft is the ideas of seeds. These are quantity strings that will generate a particular global that are supposed to at all times be the same. We can use this to our advantage as a result of sure seeds will produce worthwhile spawns that we will be able to get pleasure from!

Unfortunately, with every replace the seeds from prior updates will not paintings the similar as they did sooner than. So, we can update this put up with new seeds as soon as there’s an update to the sport.

Muck Seeds List

Here are the present best seeds for the most recent replace of the game. We’ll upload extra if we discover them and get some new ones once some other update is launched!

-937783676 Seed

This seed has on the very least two places for Chief’s Spear and one cave location for a Nightblade. There is supposed to be a 3rd Chief’s Spear, however I wasn’t ready to find it when I used to be operating around the map. This is a great seed if you are enjoying with multiple other folks and wish to get started off with tough weapons!

The places of every spear chests and the nightblade are positioned where my persona is on the map above!

spear seed Seed

This seed is pretty insane since you spawn proper in a village and very as regards to you is the manager chest that may have Chief’s Spear in it, which is one of the most tough guns in the sport. That could be lovely loopy in itself, however there’s every other village no longer too a ways from the spawn that has some other Chief’s Spear in it! This is a brilliant seed if you wish to play with a chum, because you will each have access to a particularly powerful weapon.

The places of every spear chest are situated the place my character is on the map above!

Make sure to enter the seed precisely as “spear seed” with out the quotes. Seeds are case-sensitive!

6705893 seed

This one is for speedrunners having a look to have a just right start to a game. You spawn right next to the boat, and there’s a inexperienced gem Guardian proper within sight. You’ll to find a lot of obamium, which it is important to entire the boat restore. There’s numerous chests and everything else you want to wish to beat the tale of the sport quickly!

Dev seed

If you need to begin out with the best weapon in the sport, then you’ll need to use the “Dev” seed. Head to the site where my player is on the map above and you are going to discover a cave that has two green chests in it. One of the ones chests may have the Night Blade sword in it, and now almost about not anything will stand to your approach for those who wield it! There’s also a couple of villages near the spawn, so be sure to test the ones out.

Make certain to enter the seed precisely as “Dev” with out the quotes. Seeds are case-sensitive, and should you lowercase the D it’s going to no longer work!

Credit to whatthehellnowayyyey on Reddit for locating this seed.

-184745390 Seed

If you need to start out off with a different robust weapon then you’ll use this seed which will spawn the uncommon Chief’s Spear in the Chief’s Chest that was once added in update 4. This is in fact more tough than the Night Blade, and in addition has more range. The Night Blade, on the other hand, has more DPS as it has higher assault velocity. You will find the Chief’s Spear within the chest on the location shown at the map above.

Be cautious when you take anything else from the Chief’s Chest, because the villagers will attack you while you remove an merchandise from it. If you wish to have to business with them in any respect, do that first sooner than taking the weapon!

Credit to Appl3BrUh on Reddit for finding this seed.

medication Seed

This is some other Muck seed that accommodates a Nightblade, but this one has it even closer to spawn. Head over to the lake space and also you’ll find a cave with two inexperienced chests in it. One of them may have the Nightblade sword, which is one of the best guns within the recreation. You should have the ability to slay your way all over the map, acquire cash, and buff up your persona through chests!

Make certain to input the seed precisely as “medication” without the quotes. Seeds are case-sensitive, so make certain it is all lowercase or you won’t get the correct map.

That’s all the best Muck seeds for the present replace! If there’s any seeds you’d love to suggest then please let us know in the feedback!