Best Skeleton King Launch Party Decks in Clash Royale

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Clash Royale has launched the brand new Champions Update, and with it comes the Skeleton King Launch Party tournament! While playing in this challenge, it is important to construct decks that make the most of the Skeleton King champion card. Use his talent to summon skeletons to your merit, but also be ready to face down the king in your opponent’s decks! If you aren’t much of a deck builder, we’ve one of the crucial best decks for the problem indexed below.

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Best Skeleton King Launch Party Decks

There’s plenty of variants you can try out to defeat other players while using the Skeleton King in your decks. He isn’t at all times going to be a win-condition, but he’ll be able to chip away at your opponent’s defenses along with his swarms of skeletons.

SimCity Cart w/Flying Machine Deck

This is any other high win-rate deck that comes with Barbarian Barrel, Cannon Cart, Fireball, Flying Machine, Furnace, Goblin Hut, and Mother Witch. This is a well known deck that simply swaps out Elite Barbarians with the Skeleton King.

High Win-rate Skeleton King Deck

This is these days the highest win-rate deck for the launch in keeping with RoyaleAPI. It includes Bomber, Electro Giant, Goblin Cage, Inferno Dragon, Lightning, Mother Witch, and Tornado.

Master Diddy San’s PEKKA Skeleton King Deck

This Skeleton King Pekka variant options The Log, Bandit, Barbarian Barrel, PEKKA, Magic Archer, Electro Wizard, and the Fireball! The Pekka is a beast in this deck and will dishout rather a little bit of wear against anything they throw in opposition to it. You have The Log and Fireball to deal with the Skeleton King at the opposite side. These cards will clear out the swarms that he can spawn.

Watch the deck in action in the next video:

Shane’s Skeleton King Mini Pekka

This Skeleton King deck variant comprises Sparky, Rage, Goblin Giant, Zap, Minions, Mini Pekka, and Electro Wizard. Sparky dishes out slightly slightly of AOE damage, and your Goblin Giant can get in on the towers and deal reasonably somewhat of damage. You can spice up your minions with the fad potion, and take down any problematic swarms with zap!

Watch the deck in action in the following video:

Tali’s Skeleton King Hog Rider Deck

This Skeleton King deck comprises Skeletons, Firecracker, The Log, Tesla, Earthquake, Valkyrie, and the Hog Rider in it! Use The Log, Tesla, and Firecracker to filter any swarms. Hog Rider will be capable to get in fast and dish out some damage to these towers while you’re ready to filter out your enemy’s minions!

Watch the deck in action in the following video:

EWCis’ Mega Knight Skeleton King Deck

This Skeleton King Deck features Mega Knight, Sparky, Musketeer, Royal Ghost, Firecracker, Magic Archer, and The Log. You have reasonably slightly of ranged attacked in this deck with Musketeer, Firecracker, and Magic Archer. You can use them to take out melee fighters at range, and ship in your Skeleton King to get in shut in conjunction with Mega Knight!

Watch the deck in action in the next video:

Those are the entire best decks for the Skeleton King Launch Party in Clash Royale! We’ll try to upload some additional decks as the event goes longer and other folks determine what works even higher!