Can I tend the rabbits George quote?

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Can I tend the rabbits George quote?

You ain’t so little as the mice! Lennie : George isn’t gonna let me tend the rabbits if he unearths out you were given killed!

Can I pet the rabbits George?

“Can I pet the rabbits, George?” Lennie liked touching the comfortable fur of the wee small creatures. Unfortunately, when he touched the small mice that he performed with, he inadvertently and by chance killed them.

Why did Lennie kill George?

The reader senses that the gun will seem once more someplace in the tale. George kills Lennie by way of shooting him in the back of the head to save lots of him from a more painful dying at the arms of Curley, who has vowed to make him undergo for the dying of his wife.

What does George say he would do if Lennie wasn’t round?

First of all, he says: I may just get along so easy and so nice if I didn’t have you ever on my tail. I could reside so easy and maybe have a lady. In other words, if Lennie was once not around, George thinks that existence could be easier.

What does Lennie at all times bear in mind even when he forgets the entirety else?

What has George advised Lennie about that he all the time remembers even if he forgets everything else? Lennie all the time remembers that he’ll be the one to tend to the rabbits on their “dream” farm. On this farm, Lennie will tend to the rabbits and pet them each time he desires.

What does Lennie do with water that makes him pleased with himself?

George turns into worried that Lennie will get sick from drinking from status, now not working, water. Then, Lennie does something of which he’s proud: “Lennie dabbled his giant paw in the water and wiggled his arms so the water arose in little splashes; rings widened throughout the pool to the different facet and came back again.

What did Lennie now not have in his pocket?

What does Lennie “not” have in his pocket? A bus ticket and paintings card. Why does Lennie not have the bus price tag and paintings card in his pocket? George took it so Lennie wouldn’t lose it.

Where are George and Lennie coming from in Chapter 1?

At the get started of the e book, Lennie and George are just coming to the little heavenly bit of the Salinas River near Soledad. They were hitchhiking this fashion so that they can get to the ranch the place they’ve been informed they’re going to paintings. They are coming from Northern California, from the town of Weed.

What dream does George and Lennie?

He and Lennie proportion a dream of shopping for their very own piece of land, farming it, and, a lot to Lennie’s delight, conserving rabbits. George ends the night time through treating Lennie to the tale he incessantly tells him about what existence will likely be like in such an idyllic place.

Who does George say are the loneliest?


How is Lennie’s loss of life foreshadowed?

This foreshadows the event during which Lennie kills Curley’s spouse. Her announcing “I’ll talk to you later” foreshadows them speaking and Curely’s wife calling Lennie a device foreshadows him grabing onto her hair and not with the ability to let go, like he did with the comfortable animals and Curley’s hand, incomes him the nickname.