Demonfall: All Families List – Clans, Slayer & Demon Bonuses

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In Roblox Demonfall, you may have quite a few choices ahead of you. What kind respiring method you want to make use of, whether or not you wish to have to be a demon or slayer, and what family you will be with. Unfortunately, the family part isn’t precisely up to you, because you will hopefully get fortunate when it comes to getting one. You roll for one when you get started your persona, and in the event you don’t get the only you need you are going to have to try again later.

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In the list below, you’ll to find all of the recently to be had families. The list is going from the rarest circle of relatives to the commonest. You can purchase rerolls to your circle of relatives with Robux, however you’ll additionally purchase a Wipe Potion from the Black Merchant (chance to get it by means of buying the Unknown Item). However, this may also reset all of your growth, so it may not be worth it.

Demonfall Families List

  • Kamado (0.5% Chance)
    • Slayer: +20% Experience, Dance of the Fire God, Learns Sun Breathing easier
    • Demon: Immunity to Sun
  • Tomioka (1% Chance)
    • Slayer: Start with lunge and shoulder bash, learns Water’s 11th Form
  • Tokito (1% Chance)
    • Slayer: +10% Experience, learns Mist’s seventh Form
    • Demon: Learns Moon Breathing
  • Himejima (1% Chance)
    • Slayer: +20 Health after receiving a buff
  • Rengoku (1% Chance)
    • Slayer: +20% Flame Damage, learns Flames’ Ninth Form
  • Shinazugawa (1% Chance)
    • Slayer: +25% Stomach Drain, +25% Health Regen, use your odor to attract demons
  • Iguro (2% Chance)
    • Slayer: Start with Dash Mastery, +2 Walk Speed
  • Haganezuka (2% Chance)
    • Slayer: Free item forging, and receive 5x money for selling ores
  • Agatsuma (2% Chance)
    • Slayer: When downed, enter a Forty five seconds berserk states that provides +50% harm and +20% Health
  • Ubuyashiki (2% Chance)
    • Slayer: 2 SP at get started, +10% Experience, w/Permanent Burn Injury
  • Kanroji (2% Chance)
    • Slayer: +20% Damage to the whole thing
  • Kocho (2% Chance)
    • Slayer: Poison anything that assaults you at shut vary
  • Hashibira (2% Chance)
    • Slayer: -10% Stomach Drain and +10% Health Regeneration
  • Uzui (8.8% Chance)
  • Nakahara (8.8% Chance)
  • Kanamori (8.8% Chance)
  • Tsuyuri (8.8% Chance)
  • Takada (8.8% Chance)
  • Urokodaki (8.8% Chance)
  • Kuwajima (8.8% Chance)
  • Kanzaki (8.8% Chance)
  • Terauchi (8.8% Chance)

That’s the entirety we learn about families in Roblox Demonfall. We’ll update this put up with more information as extra are released, and replace any bonuses if they are changed or added sooner or later!