Did SCP-079 cause the breach?

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Did SCP-079 cause the breach?

SCP-079, referred to as the “Old AI”, is a sentient microcomputer. It’s theorized that it is the cause of the containment breach and is thought of as the secondary antagonist of SCP – Containment Breach.

What is the get admission to code in SCP Containment Breach?

The code for this lock is 5731 , which the participant learns from SCP-035 in an attempt to achieve their consider.

How do you get a level Five key card in SCP?

It can handiest be received via refining a level Five keycard in SCP-914 on “Fine”, or in rare instances, through refining any degree of keycard on “Very Fine”. ↑ The safety ranges are hierarchical, as an example, if a door has security degree 3, card levels 3, 4, 5, and Omni can open it.

How do you seize SCP-106?

Turn off the magnets transfer (ELO-IID magnetics). Turn on the intercom to transmit the sound all the way through the facility. Press the femur breaker button (computerized hydraulic press) and look ahead to SCP-106 to seem. Once SCP-106 appears in the chamber, briefly turn the magnets back on.

Can you get away SCP-106 pocket dimension?

If SCP-106 attacks you in the pocket measurement, you will die. If you set up to flee the pocket dimension, getting caught through SCP-106 once more will perhaps kill you.

How does SCP-106 kill you?

SCP-106 will search the map for you and chase you down (at a slow tempo) till he kills you, unless you get far sufficient away. SCP-106 will try to punch you; if he hits, you’ll be transported to his Pocket Dimension, however if you retreat fast sufficient, he’s going to fail, leaving you unhurt.

Is SCP-106 immortal?

Strengths. Scp-106 is nearly invincible, has immense sturdiness and shows indicators of immortality. Scp-106 can teleport between his measurement and ours at will, and will likely teleport round each and every measurement.

Why do SCPs fear 173?

Simple, SCP-173 is the unique SCP. The Peanut is basically Death if he was once shy, and a statue. SCP-682 fears 173 because of the incredible power it holds, its velocity, its strength. SCP-173 can have a kind imperceptible through people, so it chose something perceptible.

Can SCP-173 be destroyed?

173 could possibly be destroyed, then again, SCP means Secure Contain Protect, and destroying something unique and doubtlessly precious is not in the hobby of the basis.

Does SCP-173 multiply?

SCP-173 Addendum 1 On ██/██/████, SCP-173 appeared to multiply, producing two an identical copies.