Does Aaliyah have a kid?

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Does Aaliyah have a kid?

Laiyah Evonne Lilakoi Haughton is the daughter of inspirational, and legendary singer, Aaliyah Haughton, and Damon Dash, however what Laiyah doesn’t know is that she’s adopted.

Who is Jomo Hankerson mom?

mom Diane
Jomo Hankerson is the cousin of Aaliyah, the son of her uncle Barry Hankerson. He grew up along with her and Hankerson would walk her and her older brother Rashad home when their mother Diane may not select them up.

Is Barry Hankerson Aaliyah’s uncle?

Barry Hankerson, the uncle of Aaliyah and president of Blackground Records, the overdue singer’s label, said he was once proud of Normani’s unmarried, “Wild Side,” which sounds very similar to an Aaliyah favorite. The breakout Normani single is at the cusp of breaking into the top 10 on Apple Music’s US Top 100.

Where does Barry Hankerson reside?

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

Did R Kelly actually marry a 15 year outdated?

30, 1994. An afternoon later, Kelly, then 27, married 15-year-old R&B singer Aaliyah Dana Haughton in a secret ceremony organized by way of Kelly at a lodge in Chicago. Under force from her folks, the marriage was once annulled months later because of her age.

Why Aaliyah’s track isn’t available?

With the exception of her first album — which was recorded beneath Jive Records — Aaliyah’s music has been lacking from streaming services, due to her uncle Barry Hankerson, who used to run the now-defunct label Blackground Records.

Why is Aaliyah no longer on Spotify?

How come Aaliyah is not on Apple song?

Right now, fanatics are assuming that the reason maximum of Aaliyah’s track hasn’t been added to Apple Music is most likely as a result of negotiations haven’t been finalized yet. Her property posted on Twitter to replace fanatics on Jan. 15, 2021, the day earlier than what would have been her forty second birthday.

What is the online value of R Kelly?

As of 2021, R Kelly’s web worth is $-2 million….

Net Worth: -$2 Million
Age: 47
Born: January 8, 1967
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Singer/Rapper