Elden Ring Godrick Cheese & Weakness Guide

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Elden Ring is the latest addition to the storied record of video games that FromSoftware has released into the sector. While it doesn’t apply Dark Souls lore, it forges its personal path of brutality in a extra open-world environment. While those games are considered fondly, one commonplace bit about them is how they are a little bit obscure. If you’re suffering with your struggle against Godrick the Grafted, we’ll inform you what its weakness is and the way to cheese the combat if you wish to have!

Godrick Cheese & Weakness Guide

Godrick in Elden Ring has a weakness to both Hemorrhage (Bleed) and Lightning. There are a variety of Incantations and weapons that feature those buffs, so you can make a decision whether or not or not this is the best way you want to defeat Godrick within the sport.

To cheese Godrick, it would be best to obtain the Rotten Stray Ashes summon. These can also be discovered north of Sellia on the Under-Stair Site of Grace inside of a construction with the corpse of a rotten dog. You can use this map to search out the precise location if you’re having bother finding it.

Once you’ve gotten the summon, it would be best to degree as much as around Three or 4. This can also be achieved on the Table of Grace by way of the use of Grave Glovewort. If you don’t have any of it, you’ll be able to head to this video to find out the place to get a bunch of it.

Now that you have leveled up your Rotten Stray, head into the boss combat and forged it right away. It will get started attacking Godrick, and you’ll want to get in some hits while they are distracted. This will pull the focus off your canine, and keep it alive longer. You are basically just hoping that the Rotten Stray will land their poison injury through the years impact on the boss. Once it has performed so, you can then run off and hide whilst Godrick’s well being slowly ticks down. Just avoid them up to possible and they’re going to sooner or later succumb!

See this system in motion by observing this video:

That’s the whole thing to understand on the best way to cheese and profit from the weakness of Godrick the Grafted in the recreation! If you wish to have to find more information and guides, you’ll be able to check out the Elden Ring segment of our website online.