Goose Goose Duck All Roles List Explained!

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Goose Goose Duck is a brand new social game that can have you ever finishing tasks and dealing in combination to complete missions while protecting your eye out for malicious Mallards and other horrifying hen types. It’s a mix of Among Us and Town of Salem with much more roles, in-game voice chat, and expanded duties to finish. The sport is free-to-play and contours some cosmetic microtransactions for acquire! If you’re questioning what all of the roles do within the sport, we’ll tell you what you’ll be able to do with them on this guide.

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Goose Goose Duck All Roles List

There are a large number of roles in the recreation for Geese and Ducks. Some are Neutral, which means you’re neither Duck or Goose.


You win in case you are voted out.

Dodo is a Neutral position that just requires you to get voted out and you are going to win the sport! Try to appear as suspicious as possible, and get the other players to focus on what you’re doing to get a very easy victory by means of getting kicked.


Eat corpses to win.

Vulture is a Neutral function that requires you to eat three corpses to win the game. You can’t in fact kill any individual yourself, but in case you come throughout a lifeless frame, you can use the consume button to consume it. The three corpses fed on can be over the process the game.


Infect everybody before a gathering to win the sport.

Pigeon is a Neutral position that may have you looking to contaminate different avid gamers around the map. If you can infect each single player prior to a meeting is called, you’ll mechanically win the game. To infect different players, you just want to get on the subject of them and hit the infect button. You can’t visually tell should you’ve infected a participant, but you’ll know they’re inflamed if you’ll’t press the infect button on them. Pigeons can use the vents to get around.


Win as the closing survivor. Geese handiest win through duties and geese only win by means of sabotages when you’re alive. Always skips voting.

Falcon is a Neutral role that calls for you to make it to the tip of the sport. However, your odds are greater as a result of Geese can handiest win by completing all of the required duties. Ducks can only win via sabotage. The one unfavorable to the function is that you at all times skip out on voting.


Complete tasks to extend your bounty. Survive to forestall your killer from stealing your earnings.

Gravy is a Goose function that can require you to complete duties that will build up your bounty. If you’ll be able to make it all the end, you’ll earn the money you accumulate via finishing the bounties. However, if you happen to get killed, the killer will thieve everything you earned throughout the game!


You can use vents.

Mechanic is a Goose function that permits you to use the vents as in case you were a Duck! This can obviously be risky, as a result of gamers might see you the use of the vents and assume you’re a Duck.


You can disguise in nooks and crannies.

Snoop is a Goose role that allows you to disguise in sure spaces of every map. Things like lockers and other small room like areas that have doorways on them. You will know you’ll conceal in a spot when the conceal choice lighting up within the sport.


You can kill one participant without consequences.

Vigilante is a Goose function that allows you to assassinate any individual with none penalties. That manner even if you get voted out on account of a call on the kill you made, you’ll now not be removed from the sport. It’s principally a unfastened kill that you’ll use for amusing on a pal or someone who is anxious you! You must wait 20 seconds prior to you’ll be able to do it coming out of the beginning of the game or a meeting.


You can locate the approximate location of sabotages on the minimap.

Technicians is a Goose function that may show you at the mini-map and entire map where a sabotage is set to occur.


You have restricted vision however you’ll be able to see via partitions.

Birdwatcher is a Goose role that offers you the facility to stroll up to partitions and spot on the different aspect. If you’re already playing a limited vision recreation, then that is just all receive advantages and no damaging.


You can hit upon the number of ghosts.

Medium is a Goose position that may allow you to turn on your power to peer what number of ghosts are these days in the recreation. You should wait 20 seconds in the beginning of the game and after the top of a spherical to use the ability.


Your killer auto self-reports after a short duration.

Canadian is a Goose function that will punish any poor soul that decides to kill you as a result of your death will probably be reported mechanically after a small window of time.


You can kill any person but killing a Goose has fatal penalties.

Sheriff is a Goose function that allows you to assassinate any Ducks that you just assume exist to your game. However, in the event you get it flawed, you’re going to be killed as smartly. You will want to be very certain that your target is a Duck!


The Ducks will see you as another Duck. (No blind Ducks, Friendly Fire On)

Mimic is a Goose position that displays you as a Duck to the opposite Ducks in the sport. You don’t must do anything else special for this one, it automatically displays you as a Duck and
will hopefully keep you secure from them!


Once in keeping with game, you can examine a player to look if they have killed yet.

Detective is a Goose position that allows you to get with reference to a player and examine them. It will inform you whether or now not they’ve killed every other player or no longer. This doesn’t necessarily imply they’re a Duck, but it surely without a doubt can make you suspicious!


Gain an advantage through protective a selected player until the end of the game.

Bodyguard is a Goose role which requires you to protect a player to get a bonus if you happen to and them can survive to the top of the sport. You will be informed the name of the participant you want to offer protection to whilst you start the sport.


You can devour one corpse according to game.

Cannibal is a Duck role that permits you to consume a unmarried corpse. This will help you blank up the proof of one in every of your kills, and save you someone from calling a gathering. You must use it strategically, because you best get to make use of it as soon as within the game!


You can mute one player every round for meetings.

Silencer is a Duck role that allows you to calm down one of those pesky gamers. If anyone witnessed you kill any person, then it could be a good idea to silence them for the round and dispatch them later. You will want to watch out with this as a result of chances are you’ll give yourself away if you’re the only one no longer being silenced!


You learn the function of a participant if you’re the only one to vote for them at a meeting.

Spy is a Duck position that gives you a chance to be told the role of another player in case you are the one one who has voted for them. This is an invaluable role to get knowledge with, however you’ll have to remember to are voting for people that are not likely to get other votes!


Twice in step with game, kill right through conferences through correctly guessing a role or die attempting.

Assassin is a Duck function that may help you kill someone if you can guess their position. You have a assassinate button that shows up when balloting on the aspect of the screen. You can click on it and make a choice the participant you think you already know the position, and it is going to pop up a menu with all of the possible roles. If you pick the flawed one, you are going to be doomed!


Geese cannot see your victims and can auto-report them in the event that they get close. You cannot record corpses.

Professional is a Duck position that permits you to be sneaky with your kills. You will need to check out and kill other folks which can be in an awkward place, not in areas the place other avid gamers will be traveling incessantly.


Kill a particular player to gain an advantage.

Hitman is a Duck function that provides you with a target at the start of the game for you to kill. If you fail to remember who it’s they are going to have a goal subsequent to their name to remind you for those who get with reference to them. You will get extra Silver Coins at the end of the game if you happen to effectively slaughter the target!


You are bonded in existence and demise with some other player. You can win normally, however you and your lover too can win if you’re the last ones to live to tell the tale.

Lover is a Duck or Goose role that may pick out any other participant that you are tethered to in a way. You aren’t compelled to win with them, but it does get advantages you to stay them round because you could win faster in the event that they live on to the end. Your lover’s name will probably be shiny red so you understand who it’s!


You can impersonate different avid gamers.

Morphling is a Duck function that will assist you to use a needle on a participant to take their essence after which use it to shift into their likeness. This lasts for 30 seconds ahead of you will need to snatch more DNA from some other player to shapeshift again!

That’s the whole lot we know about all of the roles in Goose Goose Duck! You can find more details about the game in the Goose Goose Duck segment of our website.