Ground Type Pokemon Weakness and Strength Chart

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To change into the ultimate Pokemon trainer, you’ll want the entire strengths and weaknesses of the Pokemon for your workforce and that you are struggling with in opposition to. These don’t seem to be all the time cut-and-dry, because some types could have immunities and be at risk of issues that don’t essentially make sense. If you’re wondering about what the Ground-type is super effective against or susceptible to, we’ll educate you what you wish to have to grasp on this guide!

This chart will paintings for all current games, equivalent to Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pearl, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. If you wish to have to peer the entire weaknesses and strengths, head to our Pokemon Type Chart information!

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Ground Pokemon Weakness & Strength Chart

Ground-type Pokemon have abilities centered around the earth. They are ceaselessly present in caves or rocky terrain, except for some dual-type Pokémon. One of the implausible things about Ground-type Pokemon is that they’re helpful when on offense. This is as a result of so few varieties can resist them.

Ground assaults can not hit Pokémon below the effect of Magnet Rise or Telekinesis. However, they all lose their immunity to Ground when they’re grounded.

Ground-type moves are usually Tough in contests. However, they do have a few moves that may be Beautiful, Clever, Cute, or Cool.

Ground Type Weaknesses

Ground-type Pokemon have weaknesses to Water, Grass, and Ice-type strikes when on defense. Their assaults don’t seem to be very effective in opposition to Grass and Bug-type Pokemon.

Ground Type Strengths

Ground-type strikes are sturdy (Super Effective) towards Fire, Electric, Rock, and Steel Pokemon. When a Ground Pokemon is on defense, they’re resistant to Electric-type strikes.

Other Pokemon Types

We have guides on each Pokemon Types’ strengths and weaknesses, so you can navigate to the one you’re searching for additional info on beneath.

That is all you need to know concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the Ground-type within the more than a few video games of the franchise. We’ve were given more detailed content material in the Pokemon section of our website online.