How do I raise my togepi happiness in Pokemon Platinum?

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How do I raise my togepi happiness in Pokemon Platinum?

1 Answer. The perfect techniques to conform Togepi are almost certainly leveling up, EV berries (I’d recommend any of the 6 with the exception of Hondew and Tamato), vitamins (I’d recommend the calcium and carbos), and the Veilstone City massage. Use a soothe bell if you’ll.

How do you evolve togepi into Togetic in Pokemon Platinum?

Togepi will evolve after it’s levels up with a happiness of no less than 220. It starts of with a base happiness of 70 and here is a checklist of how a Pokemon’s happiness can increase or decrease as well as the entire quotes from a Pokemon happiness checker.

What degree does evolve Togepi?

Togepi evolves by way of happiness. I are aware of it sounds weird however to extend your happiness you can: Walk around with the pokemon for a very long time (keep it in the roster) Feed it Minerals (HPup, protein, iron ETC) Level it up. Togepi can evolve at anytime from degree 6-100.

What LV does Togepi evolve?

38 Answers Togepi is a toddler Pokemon which evolves into Togetic when it has top enough levels of happiness. Mine advanced at stage 20,,but it surely all is dependent…Togepi’s don’t evolve by stage, they do through happiness. There is not any positive stage, this is a friendship evolution.

What is happiness does Togepi evolve?

“A Spike Ball Pokémon. It’s said that its shell is filled with joy, and a proverb asserts that if you can get a snoozing Togepi to get up, you’re going to achieve happiness. Togepi can lower its opponent’s assault energy the use of Charm. Once it has turn into buddies with its Trainer, Togepi evolves into Togetic .”.

Who does Togepi evolve into?

Togepi (Japanese: トゲピー Togepy) is a Fairy-type child Pokémon presented in Generation II . Prior to Generation VI, it was once a Normal-type Pokémon. It evolves into Togetic when leveled up with high friendship, which evolves into Togekiss when exposed to a Shiny Stone.