How do the men escape the Cyclops cave undetected?

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How do the men escape the Cyclops cave undetected?

Odysseus and his men escape the cave by means of blinding the Cyclops and tying themselves to the underside of the sheep and driving out below the sheep, undetected.

Does the Cyclops harm any of the men how?

How do the men harm the Cyclops? They stab him in the eye with an enormous pencil shaped object. What is the significance of 3 sheep tied in combination? Odysseus was once able to get his men out of the cave by means of tying three sheep together, then tying a person underneath each and every center sheep.

How does Odysseus escape from Calypso?

The answer to the query — who helps Odysseus escape from Calypso — is Athena and Zeus, with Hermes serving as the messenger. When this choice is made, Zeus sends Hermes on his strategy to Calypso to tell her to let Odysseus pass home.

How did Ulysses introduce himself to the Cyclops at the end of the story?

How did Ulysses introduce himself and his group to the Cyclop? Answer: Ulysses stated that they came neither for plunder, nor business, but were Grecians, who had misplaced their way, getting back from Troy. He added that they acknowledged him to be mightier than them, and therefore prostrated themselves humbly ahead of his feet.

How did Athena lend a hand Odysseus escape Calypso?

She offers him a veil that keeps him protected after his ship is wrecked. Athena too comes to his rescue as he’s tossed back and forth, now out to the deep sea, now against the jagged rocks of the coast. Finally, a river up the coast of the island answers Odysseus’s prayers and lets in him to swim into its waters.

How do Odysseus escaping from Polyphemus quizlet?

Odysseus escapes Polyphemus via offering him wine and once Polyphemus was once under the influence of alcohol Odysseus and his men sharpened a log and stabbed him in the eye. Odysseus knew he wouldn’t have the ability to open the stone slab so as soon as Polyphemus moved the slab because he was once blinded Odysseus and his men left the cave.

What do Odysseus and his men do when the Cyclops falls asleep?

The cyclops Polyphemus traps Odysseus and his men in a cave, behind a huge rock. Next, he offers the cyclops wine to get him drunk, and he tells the cyclops his title is “Nobody.” When the cyclops falls asleep, Odysseus blinds him with the hardened stake.

How does Ulysses escape from the cyclops cave?

The staff and Ulysses then straps themselves to the stomachs of sheep which enable there escape of the cave. They then aboard the ships and Ulysses is boastful and tells Polyphemus his real identify and starts to brag which brings a boulder down onto their ships, killing the staff and he’s cursed by way of Poseidon.

What did Odysseus do to the Cyclops in the Odyssey?

Once Polyphemus is unconscious from the wine, Odysseus shoves a sharpened, hardened stake into the Cyclops’ eye, successfully blinding him. The Cyclops then stumbles about, shouting that “Nobody” had blinded him, and the different Cyclops thought it used to be divine punishment, so they beneficial that he pray for forgiveness.

How did Odysseus stay his men in the cave?

Even despite the fact that he is now blind, the massive continues to be a risk as a result of he keeps the men imprisoned in the cave by means of rolling the stone throughout the door on a daily basis when he brings his sheep to pasture. He pats them on the again as they go out the cave to verify the men aren’t driving the sheep.

How did Ulysses make a selection out of his group?

So Ulysses chose out of the crew the twelve bravest, and bade the rest guard the ship, and went to peer what means of dwelling this used to be, and who domicile there.