How do you convert sin to CSC?

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How do you convert sin to CSC?

The secant of x is 1 divided via the cosine of x: sec x = 1 cos x , and the cosecant of x is outlined to be 1 divided through the sine of x: csc x = 1 sin x .

What is CSC math?

In a proper angled triangle, the cosecant of an perspective is: The period of the hypotenuse divided by the period of the side reverse the attitude. The abbreviation is csc. csc θ = hypotenuse / reverse. It isn’t repeatedly used, and is equivalent to 1/sine.

What is the inverse of CSC 1?

sine of x

What is the inverse of tangent?

So, the inverse of a tangent is known as the arctangent (or arctan for short). Think of the arctangent as a tool you can use like some other inverse operation when solving an issue.

Is Cotangent the inverse of tangent?

Using the tan-1x conference would possibly lead to confusion concerning the distinction between arctangent and cotangent. It seems that arctan and cot are in reality separate things: cot(x) = 1/tan(x) , so cotangent is mainly the reciprocal of a tangent, or, in other words, the multiplicative inverse.

What is the reciprocal of cot?

The reciprocal cosine serve as is secant: sec(theta)=1/cos(theta). The reciprocal sine serve as is cosecant, csc(theta)=1/sin(theta). The reciprocal tangent serve as is cotangent, expressed two ways: cot(theta)=1/tan(theta) or cot(theta)=cos(theta)/sin(theta).

What is the restrict of Arctan?


What is the inverse of infinity?


Is 0 divided by way of infinity indeterminate?

Thus as x will get close to a, 0 < f(x)/g(x) < f(x). Thus f(x)/g(x) should additionally method 0 as x approaches a. If this is what you mean by means of “dividing zero through infinity” then it’s not indeterminate, it is 0.

Is 1 divided by way of infinity?

Infinity is a concept, now not a bunch; therefore, the expression 1/infinity is actually undefined. In mathematics, a limit of a serve as occurs when x will get better and bigger because it approaches infinity, and 1/x gets smaller and smaller as it approaches 0.

Is 1 to the infinity indeterminate?

Forms that aren’t Indeterminate Quotient: The fractions 0 ∞ \frac0\infty ∞0​ and 1 ∞ \frac1\infty ∞1​ don’t seem to be indeterminate; the prohibit is 0 Zero 0. The fractions 1 0 \frac10 01​ and ∞ 0 \frac\inftyZero 0∞​ don’t seem to be indeterminate. If the denominator is positive, the prohibit is ∞ \infty ∞.

Can 0 be divided by means of 1?

Answer: Zero divided by 1 is 0.

Is Zero divided by way of 5 defined?

There shall be 0 objects with each friend since there are no gadgets to divide similarly among 5 friends. That is, Hence, is defined.

Is 0 divided via 0 defined?

They say 0 divided by anything else is zero. However, some say anything divided through 0 is undefined, since 4/Zero and 5/Zero are and so on. If 0/0 is 1, then 1 instances Zero is , so it’s proper. If 0/0 is 0, then 0 instances 0 is 0, so additionally it is right kind.

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