How do you do spoiler on 4chan?

How do you do spoiler on 4chan?

Type “[spoiler]” in the feedback stage to open the spoiler tag. Type the expressions that you wish to have look like black textual material on a black background. Type “[/spoiler]” to close the spoiler tag. Click “Send” to release the set up.

How do you estimate on 4chan?

To estimate a part of text, just position a tip (“>>”) in entryway of the text you want to spotlight (ex. “>> This is a quote”). To connect to and highlight an entire post, location 2 standards in front of its distinct set up number (ex. “>>> > 210981”).

What does Erase Post do 4chan?

Just like optimum online image online forums and online forums, 4chan permits you to erase the majority of your posts at any time. Erasing an installed will likewise be an excellent concept if you exchange your ideas about content product you have actually published or actually feel the action it’s getting isn’t in action with your expected message.

How do you get your title on 4chan?

> > It works like this: In the name box, kind a name, followed by ways of #, embraced by a password (or word, no matter).

How do you Greentext on 4chan?

Merely kind a “>>” earlier than your text, and it sounds as if as unskilled. Type the forward arrow prior to every line and do not leave an area in between it and the very first expression in the line. This is all it requires to make a 4chan greentext tale, in principle, even if there might be more to think than simply the color of the text.

What is Sage 4chan?

So, the use of sage to be able to ‘downvote’ is simply a method of consisting of versus the thread forbid with out bumping the thread. It’s a round-about technique to do it despite the fact that (vs. direct downvoting). “sage” stems from 2chan (aka Futaba Channel), which was when the muse for 4chan. ‘sage’ is brief for sageru.

How do you utilize green text?

How do you send a reply on 4chan?

How to Respond To Posts on 4Chan

  1. Go to 4Chan site on your Web web browser; see link in Resources.
  2. Go to the post that you require to react to.
  3. Click the “Reply” link beside the post.
  4. Enter your title, e-mail handle, subject of your response and your feedback worrying the release within the particular “Reply” fields.

Why can’t I erase 4chan post?

Usually, when you are submitting an installed on 4chan, you can produce a password for that specific send. Because case, you need to utilize that password if you wish to erase the set up later on. Otherwise, you will not have the ability to erase the post.

Who is that this 4chan male?

Christopher Poole
He established the anonymous English-language imageboard 4chan in October 2003, and functioned as the site’s head administrator for more than Eleven years prior to stepping down in January 2015 …

Christopher Poole
Profession Business owner, Google worker
Understood for Creator and previous administrator of 4chan
Site moot.tumblr.com

Does 4chan have an app?

Although there isn’t any genuine app the group has actually established lots of informal apps in specific customized for mobile usage. I have actually found and developed a listing of finest possible 4chan apps for Android and iOS.

What is green texting?

If your iPhone messages are green, it suggests that they’re being despatched as SMS textual material messages somewhat than as iMessages, which appear in blue. iMessages easiest paintings in between Apple consumers. You’ll at all times see green when composing to Android consumers, or when you’re not linked to the web.