How do you do spoiler on 4chan?

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How do you do spoiler on 4chan?

Type “[spoiler]” in the remarks area to open the spoiler tag. Type the words that you wish to have appear as black textual material on a black background. Type “[/spoiler]” to near the spoiler tag. Click “Send” to publish the set up.

How do you estimate on 4chan?

To estimate a part of textual material, merely position a tip (“>>”) in front of the textual material you wish to highlight (ex. “>> This is a quote”). To link to and highlight a total send, place 2 standards in entryway of its special set up amount (ex. “>>> > 210981”).

What does Erase Post do 4chan?

Similar to optimum online sign online forums and online forums, 4chan permits you to erase optimum of your posts at any time. Erasing a post can be an excellent recommendation if you exchange your ideas about content product you have actually published or feel the reaction it’s getting isn’t in keeping with your indicated message.

How do you get your determine on 4chan?

> > It works like this: In the name box, sort a credibility, followed by #, embraced by a password (or word, no matter).

How do you Greentext on 4chan?

Just arrange a “>>” earlier than your text, and it sounds as if as unskilled. Type the forward arrow prior to each line and do not leave a location in between it and the very first expression within the line. This is all it requires to make a 4chan greentext tale, in concept, although there’s additional to think about than simply the colour of the textual material.

What is Sage 4chan?

So, utilizing sage with the intent to ‘downvote’ is simply a way of including opposition to the thread limitation with out bumping the thread. It’s a round-about method to do it although (vs. direct downvoting). “sage” stems from 2chan (aka Futaba Channel), which was the motivation for 4chan. ‘sage’ is quick for sageru.

How do you utilize green text?

How do you publish a reply on 4chan?

How to Respond To Posts on 4Chan

  1. Go to 4Chan site online on your Web web browser; see link in Resources.
  2. Go to the release that you require to respond to.
  3. Click the “Reply” link subsequent to the post.
  4. Enter your title, e mail handle, matter of your response and your feedback in concerns to the post within the particular “Reply” fields.

Why can’t I erase 4chan send?

Usually, when you are submitting a post on 4chan, you can produce a password for that specific release. Because case, you ought to utilize that password if you want to erase the release later on. Otherwise, you will not have the ability to erase the release.

Who is that this 4chan person?

Christopher Poole
He based the anonymous English-language imageboard 4chan in October 2003, and served since the site online’s head administrator for more than 11 years earlier than stepping down in January 2015 …

Christopher Poole
Profession Business owner, Google staff member
Understood for Creator and previous administrator of 4chan

Does 4chan have an app?

Although there isn’t any credible app the group has actually established numerous informal apps especially adjusted for cellular usage. I have actually found and developed a listing of ideal 4chan apps for Android and iOS.

What is green texting?

If your iPhone messages are unskilled, it suggests that they’re being despatched as SMS textual material messages rather than as iMessages, which appear in blue. iMessages most reliable work in between Apple consumers. You’ll all the time see unskilled when composing to Android consumers, or when you’re no longer linked to the web.