How do you get the black Award on akinator?

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How do you get the black Award on akinator?

  1. Think of the kids of semi-famous folks or characters.
  2. Think of a forgotten persona from a online game, movie, or tv display.
  3. Think about an irrelevant celebrity or mascot.
  4. Think about a semi famous athlete on a small market staff.
  5. Think about a historic determine that isn’t taught a lot about in faculties.

How do you get a gold award on akinator?

The Standard award is given if the thing that you thought about has been guessed in not up to 10 hours in the past. If it’s 10 to 24 hours, you will get a Bronze. Silver is given if the factor you guessed has been guessed 1 – 7 days ago, whilst Gold is given if it’s per week to a month ago.

How do you get a high score on akinator?

The goal is simply to stay the Akinator from guessing the character you have chosen. The Akinator will merely ask questions that you have to answer honestly, and it’s going to quickly guess the personality. The longer it takes the higher the score and awards you win.

How do akinator works?

Akinator’s goal is to guess a real or fictional characters. To bet the personality the participant is considering, Akinator asks a sequence of questions and the participant can solution with ‘Yes’,’ Don’t know’, ‘No’, ‘Probably ‘and ‘Probably’ now not , then the program determines the highest query.

How do you get different AKI awards?

Looking at how Aki Awards are completed, you wish to make Akinator guess something that hasn’t been thought of for a minimum of a week if you wish to get a Gold Aki Award. If you need Platinum, you wish to bring to mind one thing that hasn’t been guessed for greater than a month. And more than 6 months if you need Black.

Can Alexa play akinator?

Try to stump Alexa with Akinator. To start a game, say, “Alexa, open Akinator.” The game will straight away get started, and you will need to resolution every query with a sure or no. Don’t be surprised when you can’t stump Alexa

What’s the genie that guesses your persona?


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