How do you get up the jagged pass in Pokemon Emerald?

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How do you get up the jagged pass in Pokemon Emerald?

Go south. There are ledges that you have to jump down, but if you have the Acro Bike, you can jump up the small rocks in the walls. You have to carry down the B button until the motorcycle begins jumping, then you can leap up the ones rocks. Southwest from the Mt.

Where is Team Magma’s hideout in Emerald?

The Team Magma Hideout, called Magma Hideout in the Generation III games, is Team Magma’s base of operations in the Hoenn region, situated on a small island cave on the outskirts of Lilycove City. In Pokémon Emerald, it is instead situated inside of Mt. Chimney, with the front on the Jagged Pass.

How do you get previous Team Aqua in Lilycove town in Pokemon Emerald?

Visit the harbor on the east section of the city. Once you arrive, you will discover that Team Aqua has stolen a submarine from the port. Go to Lilycove City in japanese Hoenn. Use Surf to trip northeast from the seashore till you find the cave that serves as Team Aqua’s hideout.

What do you do at Mt pyre in Pokemon Emerald?

Pyre in “Pokémon: Emerald”? After retrieving the Magma Emblem from the top of Mt. Pyre, avid gamers will have to head south alongside Route 123 to Jagged Pass. The subsequent main purpose in the tale is to search out the Team Magma hideout hidden there and defeat their leader, Maxie.

How do you get the Wailmer to move in Emerald?

Enter Team Magma’s hideout. You can be confronted by way of wild Pokemon in this area as well. Walk via the trail till you succeed in a space with more than one boulder. Put a Pokemon with the Strength talent in your birthday party and press the action button close to the boulder to move it.

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How do you navigate Team Magma’s hideout?

The Team Magma Hideout is located in a small cove in the Lilycove City bay. You will want Surf to go into the base. A lot of green warp pads are located round the hideout. Step on them to teleport to a new space.