How do you respond to TI Kanis?

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How do you respond to TI Kanis?

If someone asks YOU ‘ti kaneis’? you can respond by saying ‘kala ime’, which basically means “I’m doing well”. If you want to exchange names, you ask the other person ‘pos se lene’. If you want to give your name, you say ‘me lene’ and then your name.

How are you Ti Greek Kanis?

1 Answer. “Ti kaneis” (τι κάνεις) means both “what are you doing” and “how are you”. In several areas in Greece the language varies.

What does Popo mean in Greek?

From modern Greek πωπώ (also in form ποπό and with reduplication to three or seven syllables), interjection expressing surprise, admiration, disapproval, disgust, sorrow, etc. Word of the day.

What does SAS mean in Greek?

When meeting any Greek, it is always appropriate to say Yia sas (Γειά σας) which means ‘Hello’. On the flip side, when saying Goodbye we also say Yia sas. To thank somebody you would say Efharisto (Ευχαριστώ). To say ‘You’re welcome’ you would say Parakalo (Παρακαλώ), which also happens to mean ‘Please’.

What does Kalinixta mean?

goodnight,good ntight

What does MOU mean in Greek?

‘Filos / filia mou’ Filia means ‘friend’ or ‘friendship’, kind of the equivalent of ‘mate’ in English. Filos mou can be used as an affectionate reference to a friend, and also to describe somebody you’re dating.

What does Parakalo mean in Greek?

Parakalo/Efharistw/Parakalo Translation: Please/ Thank you/ you’re welcome. The word parakalo is used in many ways in Greek – it is even used to answer a phone call or a knock at the door.

What does Zon mean in Greek?

(Greek > Latin: girdle, girded garment) An area with definable boundaries, especially an encircling area.

What does Yama mean?

Yama is the Hindu god of death, king of ancestors, and final judge on the destination of souls. He is also known as the ‘Restrainer’, Pretaraja or ‘King of Ghosts’, Dharmaraja or ‘King of Justice’, and as Daksinasapati is considered the regent of the South Quarter.

What is good morning in Cypriot?


What language do Cypriots speak?


What does Yamas mean in Cyprus?

cheers stini yamas (however the usual toast in Cyprus and Greece is Yamas meaning our health and is a toast to all around you) efftihismenos I thiakopes [happy holiday]

How do you say yes in Cyprus?

Yes: evet. No: hayir (higher) Please: lutfen.

What is hello in Greek Cypriot?

Of the estimated 736,000 population of Cyprus, you’ll hear a mix of Turkish, Greek, and English on the island. Salutations can go a long way—whether it’s the formal “Hello” or “γεια σας” (pronounced ya sas) or more familiar “Hi” or “γεια σου” (pronounced ya soo) in Greek; or “merhaba” (Hello) in Turkish.

What is the most spoken language in Cyprus?

How do you say cheers in Greek Cypriot?

‘Cheers’! Greek Cypriot – Stin iya mas!

What do you say when drinking ouzo?

Take home a bottle of ouzo and say, “Ya mas” with a glass of the national drink of Greece on ice!

What is I Love You in Cyprus?

The language is spoken by approximately 13 million people today….Share With Friends.

Essential Phrases
Hello Yia su
I love you Se aghapo
My baby Moro mu
My soul Psihula mu