How do you say brown in Mexican?

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How do you say brown in Mexican?

6 Answers

  1. marrón = brown.
  2. pardo = brownish grey.
  3. castaño = brown (for eyes and hair), chestnut coloured.
  4. café = brown (in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and.
  5. colour café = espresso brown (all other countries)
  6. moreno = for hair, it may be used for brown as well as black, however it is typically simply darkish.
  7. colour avellana = nut brown.

What’s every other word from brown in Spanish?

Translate brown from English to Spanish brown → café, pardo, marrón; brown → moreno, bronceado, marrón, café, canelo, carmelita, carmelito …

How do you say Brown in other languages?

In other languages brown

  1. Arabic: أَسُمَر
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: marrom.
  3. Chinese: 棕色的
  4. Croatian: smeđ
  5. Czech: hnědý
  6. Danish: brun.
  7. Dutch: bruin.
  8. European Spanish: marrón.

What colour is cafe in Spanish?

marrón / café – brown.

What is the which means of Anaranjado?

“Anaranjado” refers to a colour that is orange, or it looks as if orange.

What is the plural of brown in Spanish?

Forming the singular masculine and feminine of normal adjectives in Spanish. Forming common plural masculine and feminine adjectives in Spanish….Related courses.

Masculine singular marrón
Feminine singular marrón
Masculine plural marrones
Feminine plural marrones
English brown

How do you say cocoa in different languages?

In different languages cocoa

  1. American English: cocoa /ˈkoʊkoʊ/
  2. Arabic: كَاكَاو
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: cacau.
  4. Chinese: 可可
  5. Croatian: kakao.
  6. Czech: kakao.
  7. Danish: kakao.
  8. Dutch: cacao.

How do you say the colour brown in Spanish?

Marrón, pronounced mah-RROHN, is the usual method to say “brown” in Spanish. It’s usually used to describe one thing of a lighter brown, chestnut colour. Remember to roll the “r” on this word. Café, pronounced the similar because the phrase in English, is used to explain darker brown shades.

What is every other title for Brown in Spanish?

A listing of a few “browns” in Spanish: marrón = brown. pardo = brownish gray. castaño = brown (for eyes and hair), chestnut colored. café = brown (in Chile, Ecuador , Mexico and. Uruguay )

What is the Spanish translation of brown?

Translate “brown” to Spanish: dorar, emperdigar English Synonyms of “brown”: roast lightly Define meaning of “brown”: Fry in a pan until it adjustments colour.