How much does a 1979 Chevy K20 weight?

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How much does a 1979 Chevy K20 weight?

Curb Weight of car: 4,869 lbs.

How much does a 78 C10 weight?

1978 C/K Pickup Differences

Model Curb Weight Wheelbase
C10 Long Bed 3,779 kilos 131.5 inches
Big Ten Short Bed 3,716 kilos 117.Five inches
Big Ten Long Bed 3,881 pounds 131.Five inches
C20 Regular Cab 4,300 kilos 131.5 inches

How much does a 1977 Chevy K20 weight?

Chevy vans 6,001 lbs.

What transmission is in a 1979 Chevy truck?

th-350 transmission
1979 chevy c10 silverado, 350ci, th-350 transmission.

How much does a 1973 GMC truck weigh?

I’d have to say somewhere between 3500 and 3900 lbs, depending on possibility content material, fuel degree, amount of junk in the mattress, and so forth.

How broad is a 1979 c10?

Dimensions. The C10 was once to be had with either a brief or long cargo mattress. The brief cargo bed fashion had a wheelbase of 117.Five inches, an total period of 191.3 inches, an total width of 65.Eight inches, and an general peak of 65.8 inches.

What is the which means of curb weight?

The “curb weight” of your automotive is the weight of the car with none passenger or items in it excluding for the standard equipment that includes it. This is the weight of your automobile when it’s now not being used and resting on a flat floor.

How much does a Shortbed C10 weigh?

With the base engine and shortest — 115-inch — wheelbase, the delivery weight for a stepside with a 6.5-foot bed used to be 3,426 pounds, and the fleetside was fairly heavier at 3,506 pounds. About 3,one hundred kilos of that used to be the chassis and cab alone.

How much does a 1973 Chevy C10 weigh?

Dimensions and Other Specs Curb weights ranged from 3,234 pounds for the short-wheelbase chassis and cab to 3,836 pounds for the long-wheelbase Step-Side. For 1973, the C10 had a Salisbury rear-end and rear leaf spring suspension.

How much is a 1977 Chevy truck worth?

Data in response to 55 public sale sales. notice: The pictures proven are representations of the 1977 Chevrolet Series C10 and now not essentially cars that have been bought or bought at public sale….Chevrolet Models.

Bodystyles Median Sale
Stepside $24,750

How much does a 87 C10 weigh?

The truck was once 69.8 inches prime. Wheelbase clocked in at 164.Five inches. Gross automobile weight was about 6,000 kilos.

How much does the mattress of a truck weigh?

How much do truck beds weigh? Truck beds come in a few other sizes (Short, Standard and Long) A 5-foot truck mattress will generally weigh across the 6-foot truck mattress will weigh someplace between 200 and 300lbs, an 8-foot truck mattress will weigh between 400 and 600lbs.