How old is Zane Bennett H2O?

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How old is Zane Bennett H2O?

Zane Bennett
Age 15 – 16 (First Season) 16 – 17 (Second Season) 17 – 18 (Third Season)
Hair color Brown
Occupation student
Couple (s) Rikki Chadwick ( Novia )

Who does Lewis finally end up with in H2O?

Lewis breaks up with Charlotte after discovering this and is going to search for Cleo who ran away on account of it. After discovering her, the 2 of them renew their dating with a kiss. In the third season, Lewis and Cleo continue to be in combination.

Why did Ash go away H2O?

Ash is absent mainly for the reason that actor Craig Horner used to be busy filming The Legend of the Seeker.

Who is Zane Bennett from H2O Just Add Water?

This article is about Zane Bennett from H2O: Just Add Water. You may be in search of Zane Bennett from H2O: Mermaid Adventures. Zane Bennett is one of the vital primary characters in H 2 O: Just Add Water. He is an antagonist to the girls and Lewis during most of Season 1 and then becomes a protagonist/anti-hero in Seasons 2 & 3.

What occurs to Zane Bennett in Season 3?

On some occasions Zane turns into extra great to the girls, and has helped Lewis offer protection to the woman’s secret from folks mostly from Nate . In season 3, Zane leaves the country for summer time holidays and returns to Rikki with a surprise: he has purchased the JuiceNet Café after being shut down, and converted it into ” Rikki’s “.

How did Zane Bennett get his worry of heights?

In the episode Hook, Line and Sinker it’s printed that Zane is acrophobia, which is an apprehension of heights. He used to be at the swimming workforce at South Coast High School, and would all the time are available first until Sink or Swim, when Emma educated Byron to overcome him.

Is it true that Zane Bennett and Rikki were given back together?

Zane tried to get back at the side of Rikki but so far none of his attempts have worked, although they’ve returned to talking terms. However, they did not formally get again together however may well be regarded as buddies. Although by no means officially introduced Sophie has noticed him as reasonably a ravishing younger fellow and in ” Breakaway ,” she kissed him.