How to become a rapper in BitLife (2022)

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If you’re having a look to experience the way of life of a rapper then why don’t you reside vicariously in BitLife? In sport, the occupation trail to becoming a a hit hip hop artist is a lot extra simply performed. You might be in a position to promote a whole lot of singles and albums, while making a bunch of money while doing it. The process of in truth becoming a rapper in the game may also be pretty random, however we’ll inform you precisely what you need to know in this information.

BitLife Rapper Guide

Time needed: 10 mins.

To become a rapper in BitLife, you’ll want to take Voice Lessons that may be discovered in the Mind & Body menu. Keep taking the teachings till you’ve maxed out your talent. Afterwards, head over to the Jobs menu and look for Special Careers. Then select Musician, Solo Artist, and audition for a file label as a Singer. If you be triumphant in your audition, you are going to in all probability be given a contract as a rapper!

  1. Create a persona

    You would preferably like to have prime looks, because this seems to grasp some sway over your character’s success in the celebrity category, however I will’t verify that it’s important for becoming a rapper. If you will have God Mode, I might ensure that to make your hidden ability song.

  2. Age up to 8 years previous

    All you need to do now is to age yourself up to Eight years previous. This will open up voice classes that you’ll be able to take in the Activities > Mind & Body segment of the sport. You will ask your dad or mum if you’ll be able to take them, and it must most often go through. If it doesn’t, I like to recommend remaining out of the applying utterly and attempting again. The response seems to be random. Do the voice classes three times a yr till you’ve maxed out the ability.

  3. Max out your voice talent and age to 18 years old

    If you could have been doing the voice courses 3 times a yr till you achieve 18 years in the sport it must be maxed out or just about maxed out. If no longer, you may need to get a fast activity and continue doing the teachings till you’ve gotten reached 100% ability stage in voice.

  4. Audition as a singer

    Head to the Jobs space and select Special Careers. Pick the Musician possibility, and then make a selection Solo Artist. In the “pick out your occupation sort” space, select the Singer possibility. The record label doesn’t subject, but you’ll be able to pick whichever one you want. Go to the audition. If it is going badly, I recommend final out of the app and making an attempt once more. You could also take a look at auditioning at the different document labels.

  5. Sign into the rap genre

    This is the important thing step, as a result of you will be given a random style of music in your contract. This can be pop, nation, rock, and others. Obviously, we wish to be a rapper so we’d like the rap genre. If you don’t get it, you’ll want to shut out of the applying and try once more. If you turn down an offer, it’s imaginable that the document label is not going to provide you with any other audition in the future! This step could take a whilst as it’s utterly random what you get and you may now not see the rap style for plenty of tries.

  6. Pick a stage identify

    Once you’ve gotten your rap contract, you’re going to now pick a stage name. You can go with whatever you wish to have, it is going to make no distinction.

  7. Drop a single or album

    You have already got successfully become a rapper, but if you want to be a popular one you are going to have to free up some music. If you cross to the roles menu and pick out the rapper option, you’re going to see that you’ve got the ability to unlock albums and singles. You can pretty much most effective do this kind of a 12 months, so I’d do a single or two first then drop your album. This way you will be extra widespread and confidently that helps your gross sales.

That’s everything you want to learn about turning into a rapper in BitLife! Be certain to take a look at the BitLife section of our site for more guides on the game.