How to get Cosmicubes in Among Us

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Among Us surged into reputation after mendacity dormant for a considerable amount of time. It is an interesting luck story, that a small recreation through an indie developer was once able to reach massive success after seemingly being neglected by the majority of players. The game is now well known in the gaming global, and avid gamers awaited a big replace for the sport. That day has include the release of the jobs and Cosmicubes patch! So, for those who’re involved in how to gain these cubes, we’ll tell you how in this information.

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Cosmicubes Guide

Cosmicubes are somewhat confusing, as it’s now not really clear by the identify what precisely they’re. You can almost call to mind them as small Battle Passes, the place you’re going to earn Pods and use the ones to release cosmetics inside a specific Cosmicube. Where they differ from a Battle Pass is that there are multiple of them that you’ll be able to unlock, and you’ll be able to get numerous stuff without having to pay actual money.

These Cosmicubes will give you the ability to customize your Among Us characters, so they are well worth seeking out a if you wish to have further talent to differentiate your self from others!

How to get a Cosmicube

You get the Mira Cosmicube at no cost whilst you play the game. There are recently 4 different Cosmicubes that you’ll be able to download that comprise cosmetics which are themed round their identify:

  • Airship Cosmicube – 90 Stars
  • Treat Cosmicube – 2,600 Beans
  • Trick Cosmicube – 70 Stars
  • Polus Cosmicube – 3,000 Beans

Two of those will also be bought with Stars, which is the top class foreign money of the game. As of right now, you can simplest purchase Stars with actual money. Here are the prices of Star Bundles in USD:

  • Star Bundle 20 – $1.99
  • Star Bundle 30 – $2.99
  • Star Bundle 50 – $4.99
  • Star Bundle 110 – $9.99
  • Star Bundle 300 – $24.99

Base on these prices, the Trick Cosmicube would cost you $6.98, and the Airship Cosmicube would be $7.Ninety eight if you purchased the exact quantity of Stars needed for each and every.

Two of the Cosmicubes price Beans, which is an in-game foreign money that you’ll be able to earn via simply playing the sport. This includes leveling up, doing tasks, killing crewmates, guessing as it should be, and successful a spherical.

How to get Pods

Pods are fascinating because they aren’t universally used for all of the Cosmicubes, they are used only for particular ones. You have to permit a Cosmicube, after which you are going to earn Pods based on that particular Cosmicube. If you need to release some cosmetics in a different dice, you are going to need to get Pods for it by disabling your earlier cube and enabling the one you want to earn Pods with.

To get Pods is similar means that you simply get Beans, in that you are going to simply need to play the sport. You will earn Pods by means of leveling up, doing tasks, killing crewmates, guessing appropriately, and successful a round.

The just right information about Pods is that you received’t lose any that you just’ve earned for any of your Cosmicubes. So, if you need to transfer which one you might be incomes Pods for, you’ll do so with out dropping progress or Pods!

That’s everything we know about the Cosmicubes feature that has been released into Among Us. Be sure to check out the Among Us phase of our website online for more info on the sport.