How to get Sol in AUT (A Universal Time)

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There’s plenty of unique and engaging Stands, pieces, and Forms that you’ll be able to obtain in Roblox A Universal Time. While some are easy to get, a large number of the others have quests you’ll want to whole, or will handiest happen underneath uncommon instances. If you’re having a look to get the Sol Stand, then we can check out what you’ll want to do to get it in this information.

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How to get Sol in AUT

Getting Sol has been a pain for lots of gamers because the quest has had many insects and other people dropping development in it. Most of this will have to be solved now, so you can in any case get the Sol Stand should you really want it.

The first step to getting Sol is to obtain the Star Platinum Stand. You can get this via the usage of a Stand Arrow and randomly receiving it. If you get a Stand that isn’t Star Platinum, you’ll save it on the Ability Storage NPC or get rid of it at Enrico Pucci who’s the Ability Resetter.

Now you want the Creation of the Cosmos quest, there are two alternative ways to get it.

You can download the Tales of the Universe e-book that drops from a treasure chest. It has a 9% drop fee, so it shouldn’t be too dangerous of a grind. Have it in your hand and cross communicate to the Dio NPC at the best of the mountain. He will then offer you the quest. You will need this ebook irrespective of whether or no longer you employ it to get this quest!

The 2nd way to do it is to kill the enemy Dio NPC that spawns in the Forest with the Star Platinum Stand. You have a random probability to have a blue ghost NPC spawn afterwards. It will ask you if you want to be informed the secrets of the cosmos. If you hit sure, you will obtain the search.

The Creation of the Cosmos quest has the next duties you wish to have to whole:

  1. Inflict 5,000 Damage with Star Platinum
  2. Kill Dio with Star Platinum
  3. Block 1,500 Damage with Star Platinum
  4. Get 5 Time Stop Kills

Inflicting injury may also be carried out towards dummies or players, you just want to beat one thing up. You will want to mix this with getting your five Time Stop kills. The Time Stop ability is the “J” key on your keyboard. Either discover a friend, ask anyone in chat, or just battle it out to get those. The Time Stop wishes to be happening whilst you kill the participant. So, beat them up to near death, interact Time Stop, and finish them off!

If you might have access to a Private Server, you can look for the Attacking Dummy, who’s all the time throwing fists. Use the block key (X), and let them punch you to entire the task. They do 50 harm per hit, so you are going to want to be hit 300 occasions via the dummy. You too can simply have a player beat you up.

If you didn’t get the Tales of the Universe book before, you will want to get it now. Grind out opening treasure chests until you get. Alternatively, you’ll be able to trade with any person to get it.

Once you’ve got the ebook, pass and kill the Dio NPC in the Forest. As lengthy as you’ve got it in your stock when you kill Dio, you will have to receive the Sol Stand!

Sol Moveset

  • Teleport Barrage (E) – Your Sol Stand will teleport to the target you select and hit them with a barrage of punches.
  • Intangible Punch (R) – Sol charges up a ball of power in their fist and punches forward.
  • Nuclear Fusion (T) – Sol creates a big ball of power and fires it ahead which knocks again and damages any enemies in its path.
  • Sol Star (F) – Sol creates a celeb on its again and fees up with energy. After a short time period, Sol will sprint round in a celebrity shape harmful any enemies in its trail.

That’s the whole thing we know on how to get Sol Stand in Roblox A Universal Time right now. We have more protection of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!