How to Get the New Rare Fasnacht Masks in Fallout 76 (2022)

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Maybe you’ve noticed Fasnacht masks around the Wasteland and questioned what they had been all about. These masks, obtained by way of completing the parade incorporated as a part of the seasonal tournament, Fasnacht Day, stand out even in Fallout 76’s incessantly peculiar and terrifying atmosphere. They come in a lot of thrilling designs, and they may be able to be helpful as both headwear or even ornamental collectibles.

This rendition of Fasnacht introduces 3 new masks, each and every of which can be added to the rare tier of the praise pool for finishing the parade. This manner you currently have a chance of winning a Fasnacht Loon mask, a Fasnacht Hag masks, and a Fasnacht Fiend masks. As cool as they are, the rare masks can also be very tough to roll. In order to get the absolute best chances each parade, you’ll want to be sure you’re doing the whole lot accurately to get the highest degree final touch. This provides you with the biggest odds of scoring one among the superior new masks to romp round the Wasteland in or to hang up in your C.A.M.P.

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Starting the Event

If you’ve been to the Appalachian Wasteland for Fasnacht ahead of, then possibly you’ve discovered your self reflexively returning to the game each hour or so. This is because Fasnacht starts at the beginning of each and every hour, and this can be happening from February 10 to February 22. This will give you plenty of opportunities to score one among the new rare masks which were added.

To get started the parade, shuttle to the the city of Helvetia and find the better of the two bridges in the heart of town. You’ll find a fancy Mr. Handy who’s serving as the Master of Ceremonies. Once the top of the hour comes, interacting with him and he’ll provide an explanation for Fasnacht and provide several activities that want to be finished ahead of starting the parade. Get began on these briefly to transfer proper into the parade and towards getting certainly one of the new Fasnacht masks!

Parade Preparations

There are several chores that should be finished to prepare for the festivities. While you’re unable to keep an eye on or expect which actions can be required for preparation, you’ll still be ready for all of them to building up your possibilities of getting via them quickly and getting off to an early get started in opposition to a rare mask.

Collect Beer Steins

The Convivial Historian, located in the NW area of the town by the gazebo, wishes assist collecting previous beer steins for his museum. This is certainly one of the more straightforward duties that can be temporarily finished. Around town you’ll in finding a number of beer steins simply lying round. Pick up 10 of these and go back them to the museum to entire the job. Once you’ve carried out this, the Convivial Historian will head against the parade starting point.

Be mindful of any additional beer steins you pick up in way over 10. They stay in your stock after the match, which can provide you with a headstart on the subsequent parade or a nice decoration for your C.A.M.P. On the other hand, they can add up temporarily and feature a history of leaving gamers mysteriously overencumbered. If you end up inexplicably overencumbered, take a look at checking the Miscellaneous segment of your inventory. You would possibly to find your stock management ache is being caused by way of tons of unneeded beer steins.

Gather Wood

Another of the more uncomplicated tasks to entire is providing picket to the Merry Woodsman, who you’ll be able to in finding in opposition to the western end of the the city in entrance of the church. You’ll need to upload 50 pieces of picket to the pile that might be used for the bonfire at the finish of the parade. There’s some wooden in the house, however honestly now not so much. Plus, if you happen to run the parade multiple occasions, it won’t at all times be respawned for you. Fortunately, 50 items of picket is lovely not unusual for people to have already in their inventory, so this job is normally sorted simply. Just ensure that to deliver a number of wood with you! It’s no longer Fasnacht without the ceremonial lighting of the Old Man Winter bonfire, so make you don’t leave out this task!

Defeat the Honey Beasts

The Cheerful Beekeeper, located close to the heart of town in the Honey Haus close to the smaller bridge, has an bizarre bee downside and wishes assist to resolve it. After interacting with the beekeeper, there might be a couple of honey beasts that assault in the area. These need to be eradicated before the Cheerful Beekeeper can take part in the parade, so ensure that to account for this section. (*76*) the honey beasts can get stuck down in the circulate inflicting them to be easily missed. If they don’t appear to be showing up, be certain that to take a look at down there, as that can be the problem.

Decorate the Barn

It’s no longer a competition without decorations, and the Jubilant Decorator wishes assistance with atmosphere them up. Go to the barn, positioned close to the parade beginning location, and lend a hand out with the decorations. You’ll want to merely help the decorator by way of deciding on four sorts of decorations. Since this is considered one of the faster duties, it can easily be plugged any place into your strategy for finishing the duties.

Gather Radtoad Eggs

Pastries are a staple of Fasnacht each in real existence and in Fallout 76, so it’s necessary to make certain the Jolly Baker is prepared for the tournament. To get in a position, you’ll want to to find and donate 20 Radtoad eggs to the baker. The bakery will also be discovered in the again northeast corner of the two-story construction on the jap nook of the city subsequent to the move. Down in this move is the place you’ll in finding the Radtoad eggs, so hop down there and search for tan clusters of eggs to collect. You’ll achieve a handful from every batch, so trek up and down the movement and you should have all you want lovely quickly. Once you’ve got 20, return them to the bakery so the Jolly Baker can get to the parade.

Play Music

On the east fringe of the town south of the massive bridge is where you’ll to find the Joyous Musician who wishes lend a hand taking part in track for the parade. This task simply calls for avid gamers to play song, which will also provide you with the AP boost feature of enjoying tune. It most effective takes a couple of moments for this task to be completed when the band is complete, so be certain to hop in should you see an empty spot so the task can be finished briefly and the Joyous Musician can get started strolling to the parade!

l the Butcher’s Cooler

Near the center of town via the primary side road subsequent door to the barn is where you’ll find the Gleeful Butcher, who needs assist amassing intestines to make the traditional Fasnacht sausage! To complete this process, you’ll need to take out critters in the surrounding space and loot them for their intestines. Once you’ve discovered 12 intestines, return to the butcher and put them in the cooler to whole this job and ship the Gleeful Butcher to the start of the parade.

Gather Beeswax

The Happy Candlemaker, who will also be found on the ground flooring of the massive space on the south facet of the main street across from the barn, needs a hand finding beeswax to make candles. This job can also be simply paired with the Defeat Honey Beasts process, as they both contain the Honey Haus close to the middle of Helvetia. Head over to the Honey Haus and search the beehives on the outside and inside partitions however be ready to fight a couple of swarms of bees after you take a look at the hives. Once you’ve gathered 10 items of beeswax, convey them to the Happy Candlemaker. This robot is positioned proper in the entrance near the parade start, so it’s now not an issue, maybe even smart, to go away this job for the finish of your preparation.

Parade Launch

Once the preparations are whole, it’s just a matter of looking ahead to the robots to all arrive at the start line of the parade. This can be particularly time eating, so it may be useful to strategize how you complete the preparation tasks. You might want to prioritize the robots whose starting places are further from the parade get started level, as this offers them various time to make the travel to the beginning location while everyone completes other tasks. If some robots, especially the Cheerful Beekeeper, are eliminate till the end of prep, there could be a extraordinarily long wait as the robotic makes its slow journey to the parade’s starting point.

Protecting the Parade

After the parade begins, the precedence of the match is protecting the marching robots. Your level of success, and therefore which masks you’ve an opportunity of winning, shall be suffering from how many robots live to tell the tale. This makes it crucial they all make it via the parade to be sure you have an opportunity at one among the new Fasnacht masks! An invaluable tip for when the parade robots are getting low on health is to use the Friendly Fire perk, which gives a therapeutic bonus to teammates hit by means of your flame weapons. This will also be paired with a flaming shiskebab to heal the parade marchers.

First Parade Stop

It gained’t take lengthy for the parade to be interrupted once it begins. After strolling just a short distance from the starting point, the tune being performed through the Master of Ceremonies will wind down and the robots will stop marching. The area can be ambushed by Radtoads from all instructions. This might be the first probability at shedding a shot at a rare mask, so be sure the robots are safe!

This step seldom presents much of a challenge, however there’s still a great way to ensure you have the very best vantage level to be had. If you have got the marsupial mutation (and also you’re no longer actually playing the recreation if you happen to don’t) or a jetpack, then you’ll be able to simply hop onto the area on the nook. Running to the japanese corner of the roof lets in you to see each and every path through simply spinning with no need to move your toes. This will permit you to either tag or kill all of the enemies as they way to save you them from attaining the robots.

After the the Radtoads are handled, take into accout to loot one (being positive to select “Loot Nearby Enemies”), as Radtoads are known to drop top quality junk and profitable loot!

Second Parade Stop

After dispatching the Radtoads, the Master of Ceremonies will restart the song and the parade might be marching away once more. This time you’ll go up the path against the back of the small town, then hook a left into the heart of several cottages. The parade predictably stops agian, this time due to an onslaught of super mutants decided to spoil the good time.

This is the first point the place your probabilities at a rare masks really stand a chance of being ruined, so make certain to get this part right. You’ll be confronted with several waves of tremendous mutants, together with suiciders who can detonate near your robots and rob you of a great run.

Your placement throughout this part shall be important to your talent to tag or eliminate all the aggressively drawing near super mutants. One of the perfect places to do that is on most sensible of the coated bench in the lifeless heart of the town close to the place the parade stops. It requires the marsupial mutation or a jetpack, however permits you to see in each and every direction by way of just spinning with no need to transfer your feet. Combining this with strategic use of V.A.T.S. will permit you to quickly find and smash all the drawing near enemies.

After a few waves of tremendous mutants, the tune will start up again and the parade will begin marching all over again against the final stop.

Third Parade Stop

This stop seamlessly blends into the final part of the parade, so you’ll essentially call yourself at the end by way of now. There’s no surprise to be expecting right here – the robots are going to break down and be attacked whilst counting on everybody participating to save them.

While this prevent, like the others, can also be quite easy, it can also simply move off the rails and reduce to rubble any chance at a rare masks. Of explicit issue here is legendary Mega Sloth that spawns at this step together with a large mob of smaller enemies. (*76*) the Mega Sloth captures everybody’s consideration, and the mob of smaller enemies easily destroys the robots along side any hope of having a rare Fasnacht masks.

This problem will with a bit of luck be resolved via the newly added Legendary Sharing mechanic that allows everyone in the area of a downed legendary enemy to percentage in the loot.

Therefore, don’t allow everybody’s arduous work to pass to waste via dashing with the crowd in opposition to the Mega Sloth, and as an alternative hang out by way of the robots to be sure they make it via this step safely. You’ll also be treated to a heap of revel in for taking good care of the attacking mob.

Parade Finale

You’ll pay attention the Master of Ceremonies announce your good fortune and transfer within reach in opposition to the Old Man Winter bonfire that may promptly be lit. Once this phase is completed, you’ll get a notification the event has been completed and be rewarded a Fasnacht plan, a Fasnacht masks, and a mythical item, all dependent upon how neatly the tournament used to be completed.

If you didn’t get the masks you wanted, it’s not unusual for there to be many pl
ayers in need of to business at the end of the parade. Make certain to hang out to see what you’ll get or to capture the second with some photos. And don’t move far, any other parade shall be beginning in not up to an hour, so make sure that to be back in time!

These are the newest tips on how to get the rarest new Fasnacht masks for in Fallout 76. If you found this information useful, make certain to take a look at the Fallout 76 phase of our web site for more!