How to get to Tech World in Pet Simulator X

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Roblox Pet Simulator X just got the brand new Space Update, which has unlocked the new stage known as Tech World. This is rather like Fantasy World, however will require you to pay a hefty sum of cash to enter into the brand new area. We’ll inform you exactly all you want to know to input into this futuristic place.

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Tech World Guide

To get to Tech World in Pet Simulator X, you’re going to need to move to the Glacier area at Spawn World. This is the first actual world you arrive at while you play the game. You should see a big opening at the side that shows 7.5B – Purchase to Unlock on it. That manner you want to spend 7.5 billion Fantasy Coins to open up the world. Go shut to the portal and you will be prompted to fork over the coins. Once you’ve paid the price, you can now input Tech World!

Once you’ve unfolded the gate, you’ll see a huge chest in the center of the world. That’s going to be the main treasure chest you might be grinding on to get the new Tech Coins. There’s most effective a couple of spaces open in Tech World right now, so you’ll mostly be grinding on the chest. To get to the store, go past the chest and have interaction with the cannon. This will fireplace you off to the real position the place you’ll be able to purchase the brand new pets from Tech World!

Once you’re in Tech World, you’ll free up the second area of it for 50,000 Tech Coins. This will give you get right of entry to to the Dark Matter Machine!

That’s the whole lot you need to learn about getting to Tech World in Roblox Pet Simulator X! You can check out additional info at the recreation in the Pet Simulator X portion of our web site.