How to get X-Soul in A Universal Time (AUT)

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There’s a number of unique and engaging Stands, pieces, and Forms that you’ll download in Roblox A Universal Time. While some are easy to get, a lot of the others have quests you’ll need to whole, or will only happen beneath uncommon cases. If you’re taking a look to get the X-Soul item, then we will take a have a look at what you will want to do to get it in this guide.

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X-Soul Guide

To get the X-Soul item, you’re going to simply want to open up treasure chests. Each time you open up a chest, you’ve a 15% probability for you to get one. Treasure chests will also be discovered all around the map, and your best possible wager for buying one is becoming a member of a Private Server so you don’t have to compete for them!

Chests have explicit places where they can spawn. They will at all times be positioned in the similar spots, but which spot a chest will spawn in is random. You will want to run around the map looking for which location spawned a chest. Try to consider where you’ve ever seen a chest, as a result of one will spawn there once more eventually!

The X-Soul merchandise is used to get the X-Chara form. This will also be bought through getting the Sans form, after which using the X-Soul item while you have it provided. To get Sans, you just need to locate a Bone that can be found in chests or sand particles!

That’s the entirety we all know on how to get the X-Soul item in Roblox A Universal Time right now. We have more protection of the game in the A Universal Time section of our site!