How to get your first mount in FFXIV (2022)

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One of the key steps in any MMORPG is getting that first mount that you’ll hop on to go back and forth world wide more quickly and in taste. This is a huge a part of near to any of these games and Final Fantasy XIV isn’t any different. While parts of the sport will also be traveled quickly by means of teleport, you will want a mount to unencumber these areas and to get round if you are transferring on land. If you are wondering when you can get your first mount, we’ll show you how in this information.

Final Fantasy 14 Mount Guide

To get your first mount in Final Fantasy 14, you’re going to want to achieve degree 20 and whole the search A Hero in the Making. This will lead you to the practice up quest, known as The Company You Keep. Choose one of the crucial 3 Grand Companies, and then entire quests to upgrade your rank in the corporate. You will in the end become part of the crowd and get the hunt, My Little Chocobo. Complete this quest and you will earn your self a Chocobo!

You will need to make a selection some of the three Grand Companies, which are The Immortal Flames from Ul’dah, The Maelstrom from Limsa Lominsa, or The Order of the Twin Adder in Gridiania. The selection is precisely up to you, however you’ll click on each of the links for an legit description of every of them.

Once your Grand Company is chosen, and also you finished the initial quests. You will then get the My Little Chocobo quest, which calls for that you purchase the Chocobo Issuance. This prices 200 Grand Company Seals, and may also be bought on the Quartermaster next to your Grand Company Commander.

To get Grand Company Seals, you’ll complete the following tasks or quests:

  • Complete FATEs in the open global
  • Complete the For Coin and Country Story Quest to earn 300 Seals
  • Complete Supply or Provisioning missions from your Personnel Officer

Once you might have your 200 Grand Company Seals, head back to the Quartermaster and buy the Chocobo Issuance. From there, you will then need to head to the stables and to the Chocobokeep NPC and you’ll obtain your Chocobo. You can then give your Chocobo a customized name, talk to the Chocobokeep NPC, and you’ll then get your Chocobo Whistle that summons your mount!

If you get lost along the best way, take a look at this video information that explains things:

That’s the entirety you want to know about getting your first mount in FFXIV! You can learn more about the game with additional guides from the Final Fantasy 14 section of our website online.