How to join the Mafia in BitLife (2022)

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It’s time to perform a little dirty paintings and join the mob in BitLife. If making a decision upon this life, then you definitely better be able to perform a little terrible deeds, as a result of the families aren’t simply inspired until you bag a few bodies. If you’ve were given sufficient grit, you’ll rise via the ranks of the mafia and ultimately end up at the best of heap! We’ll walk you via the exact process you wish to have to take to transform a mobster in BitLife.

BitLife Mafia Guide

Time wanted: 10 mins.

To join the mafia in BitLife, you’ll need to do a couple of hardcore crimes like Bank Robbery, Burglary, Grand Theft Auto, or a Train Robbery. Once you’ve reached 18 years of age, pass to the Occupation menu and have a look at the backside of the listing to to find Special Careers. Select that option and then select Organized Crime and make a choice which circle of relatives you would like to join. If you’ve committed enough crimes, you are going to be requested to join the mob!

  1. Create a brand new personality

    You can select both a girl or guy, and in case you have God Mode you’ll need to select Crime as your Special Talent and bump up your attributes. If no longer, you’ll simply select your character, and not concern about the stats because they shouldn’t make a lot of a difference.

  2. Age to 18 years old

    You can do crimes ahead of you reach 18, but it surely’s most commonly petty crimes that don’t really seem to galvanize the mafia. It’s more uncomplicated to just age to 18 and then devote extra critical offenses. You will have to do such things as Bank Robbery, Burglary, Grand Theft Auto, or a Train Robbery. You want to entire a number of of these a minimum of two times, ahead of making an attempt to get into the mob. If you get stuck, just shut the software before you shut the window that alerted you to the results of the crime.

  3. Try to join the Mafia

    Go to the Occupation menu and have a look at the bottom of the record to find Special Careers. Select that possibility and then pick out Organized Crime and make a choice which circle of relatives you prefer to to join. This is totally up to you, it shouldn’t make a distinction which you choose. You gets to select a method, which additionally shouldn’t actually topic. If your crimes had been impressive sufficient, they should offer you a position in the family. If not, shut out of the application totally, and do every other crime or two. Try again and also you must eventually turn into aside of the mafia!

  4. Commit crimes

    Once you’ve joined your family, you’re going to now need to commit more crimes. This will allow you to move up the ladder in the mob. You can do them from the Occupation menu now, as a result of it’s going to provide you with an alternative choice which is Extortion. This allows you to harass companies for money. The extra notoriety you could have, the extra scared they’ll be of you. When you are making a rating, you’re going to be asked to contribute the budget. It’s easiest simply to give all the money to the family, but you can cross part in case you actually want some cash.

  5. Gaining Notoriety

    The best means to gain notoriety is to homicide other folks. This possibility isn’t to be had inside of the Occupation menu, however you’ll do it while extorting people. If someone received’t provide you with all of the cash you ask for then you can Whack Them Out or Shake Them Down. If you select whack, you’ll murder them in an artistic approach. I found that it’s far more straightforward to escape with this for those who do it through Extortion. However, you won’t get any cash. So, do a mixture of whacking and shaking to up your notoriety and status together with your family. Killing other folks is usually perfect saved for the people who aren’t scared of you.

  6. Rise through the ranks

    Do a minimum of a few extortions each yr and keep your notoriety prime. Age up and you will learn to whack folks, which is able to then lead to you taking an oath with the circle of relatives. You can stay doing this and you’re going to proceed to rise via the ranks and with a bit of luck all the method to godfather!

That’s everything you wish to have to know about joining the Mafia in BitLife! Be sure to take a look at the BitLife section of our web site for more guides on the recreation.