How to make a map in Minecraft (1.18 Bedrock & Java)

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It’s helpful to know your location and the place to cross in any game. Minecraft isn’t any other, so it’s worthwhile to know how to make a map. Having a map will will let you steer clear of getting lost when you’re adventuring and too can give you an idea of where your mates are when they’re taking part in. You’ll want to gather the appropriate items in order to make it, then you definitely’ll have to fill it as you discover. Once you’ve got the items and put them together as it should be, you’ll be for your method to making a map!

Creating Maps

Time needed: 10 mins.

To make a map in Minecraft, you will first need to collect sugar cane, iron ingots, and redstone. After discovering your substances. You’ll then use these precursors to create paper and a compass that may then be blended to create a map!

  1. Find Sugar Cane

    It shouldn’t be too tricky to find sugar cane. It will also be found anywhere there’s water in the Overworld size, so you received’t have too much bother monitoring it down. Any Overworld biome the place there’s water will give you a probability to find sugar cane, even if it has different odds to generate in every other local weather zone. Minecraf Sugar Cane Example Image

  2. Get Iron Ingots

    Iron ingots are a precursor to the compass, which will likely be a number one element of your map. To get them, you’ll first need to in finding iron ore, which will also be was iron ingots the usage of a furnace. Iron ore is a common resource and can also be found in many puts. The best possible of these puts is reported via many to be in caves. Iron ore is simple to identify by its specks of light brown/red/peach scattered inside of sure cave tiles. When you’ve found 4 items of iron ore, take them to a furnace and combine them with gas (e.g. wooden or coal) to create the four iron ingots which are wanted to create a map.Minecraft Iron Ore Example Image

  3. Get a Pile of Redstone

    You’ll also need one pile of redstone to make a map in Minecraft. Caves are some of the easiest places to find it because it redstone is best found in layers 0-16, so you may be ready to find your iron and pile of redstone in the same cave. You’ll acknowledge it easily through its unique crimson mud trend. Once you will have your pile of redstone and your different parts, you’ll be in a position to head to the crafting desk to get started making a map! Minecraft Redstone Example Image

  4. Make Paper

    Now that you’ve got sugar cane, you’re going to use it to make paper in your map. To do that, open the crafting desk and place three sugar cane in the crafting grid as pictured. This provides you with 3 sheets of paper! You’ll want to do that a overall of 3 times in your first map, as an upcoming step would require 8 sheets of paper general. Minecraft Paper Recipe Image

  5. Make a Compass

    After you make your paper (or earlier than, should you prefer), you’ll need to craft a compass to mix along with your new paper to create a map. Making a compass would require four iron ingots and one pile of redstone. Once you have these things, arrange them with the pile of redstone in the middle tile of the crafting grid and the four iron ingots on the top, backside, left, and proper of it to craft a compass. Minecraft Compass Recipe Image

  6. Make a Map

    Paper and a compass are the entire elements you’ll want to make a map, so you’re in a position to pass after you have those. To make a map, take these things to the crafting table and arrange them in the way in which shown. You’re going to want to place the compass in the middle with eight items of paper filling the rest squares in the crafting grid. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll see that you can create an “empty locator map” that can now be added to your inventory! If you want a undeniable “empty map” that doesn’t show you and your folks’ places, then you’ll be able to just upload the 8 items of paper without the compass. Minecraft Map Recipe Image

  7. Fill Your Map

    You’ve “made” a map, but it surely’s blank! You still need to fill it for it to be of any use. In order to fill your map, merely transfer round with it as your energetic item. You’ll see it grow to be from a blank piece of parchment to a finished map as element is added all over your travels. Once you fill up your starter map, then you’ll want to start having a look into the choices for increasing (or zooming out) your map to provide you with even more space! Minecraft Map Example Image

  8. Expand Your Map

    Your authentic map will replenish long earlier than you’ve been in a position to document the entire global. Fortunately, your maps will also be simply expanded (aka zoomed) to permit you even more space to map out your adventures! The means of expanding your map could be very similar to growing the unique map. You can extend your map up to 4 instances. Each expansion calls for an extra eight items of paper, however you luckily don’t need to make any longer compasses. For each zoom stage, you’ll position eight pieces of paper around the edges as earlier than, however now you’ll place your map in the middle of the crafting grid as a substitute of striking a compass there. When you do that, you’ll craft a zoomed map that may be added to your stock and used to chart even more travels!Minecraft Exapanded Map Recipe Image

That’s everything you wish to have to learn about how to make maps in Minecraft! If you need to learn more concerning the game, be certain that to take a look at the Minecraft phase of our website.