How to parry in Elden Ring on Keyboard and Mouse

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Parrying is among the most important talents you can grasp in Elden Ring. The ability to parry at precisely the proper time is not only incredibly useful for defeating enemies and bosses alike, but it’s a surprisingly gratifying transfer every time you pull it off. Unfortunately, whilst parrying on a console controller is beautiful instantly forward, doing so with a keyboard and mouse is just a little tougher to work out. If you’re on the lookout for how to parry in Elden Ring with a keyboard and mouse setup, this is the guide for you.

How To Parry On PC Elden Ring

To parry in Elden Ring the usage of your keyboard and mouse, you simply need to press Right-Click whilst keeping down Shift. This will effectively activate a parry. However, there are some things you need to know to make this work. First of all, you want to have both a weapon and a defend equipped. Secondly, you must have a defend with the Parry skill provided. This is as a result of parrying itself is a weapon ability, and no longer a function on its own. Without these things, you’ll now not parry, and as a substitute will activate your main weapon’s weapon talent.

Parrying is used simply sooner than an enemy’s attack hits to throw the assault off and save you injury. It’s like blockading, but calls for extra precise timing and has a ways better rewards when successfully pulled off.

Parrying in Elden Ring is an impressive software for any Tarnished. While it may be very tough to grasp the correct timing of parrying, doing so can utterly go away your enemy off guard. This is as a result of now not most effective does parry block and assault, it additionally staggers an opponent, leaving them open for assaults.

If retaining shift + proper click doesn’t be just right for you, you’ll trade the keys wanted for parrying in the controls menu. To do that, open the pause or identify menu and navigate to the settings tab. When you get to controls, remember to trade the enter for weapon skills (again, shift + right click by means of default.) Set this to whatever you wish to have, and that kill will now be your weapon ability/parry button.

That’s the entirety you need to find out about parrying on Elden Ring’s PC model! If you found this information helpful, go away a remark beneath and be certain that to take a look at our other Elden Ring guides.