How to unlock Hairstyles in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is somewhat a bit different than your moderate Pokemon sport, because of this there’s slightly a couple of new things for you to revel in. While customization of your character has been increasing in contemporary generations, it has gotten a little of a twist in this game. If you want to know how to unlock some further hairstyles in your persona, we’ll display you how in this guide.

Getting More Hairstyles

To unlock more hairstyles in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you will want to complete a quest for Arezu. She is involved in the primary storyline early in the sport, and will in the end develop into the new hairstylist in Jubilife Village. You will need to development through the game sufficient to where she gives a side-quest for you. Complete the hunt and you will be rewarded with additional hairstyles!

You will want to be about mid-game to get the first side-quest from Arezu, which is called “Misdreavus the Hairstyle Muse”. This is request #59, so you should get it across the time you might be doing primary story in the Coronet Highlands. Once you may have the hunt, you are going to need to obtain Misdreavus and show it to Arezu.

Misdreavus spawns all the way through the center segment of the Coronet Highlands. The places are referred to as, Stonetooth Row, Scared Plaza, and Celestica Ruins. You can find the areas the use of map beneath (Credit to

Once you catch a Misdreavous, just bring it back to Jubilife Village and talk to Arezu. Once you display her the Pokemon, you’ll unlock some new hairstyles!

When you get even further into the game, you can do a similar quest from Arezu. This is request #seventy five and it’s known as Kirlia the Hairstyle Muse. You will the desire to obtain a Kirlia and show it to Arezu to get even more new hair appears.

Kirlia spawns in Alabaster Icelands, however in case you don’t mind leveling up a Pokemon, you’ll get a Ralts in Crimson Mirelands. You will just want to stage it up to 20 to evolve it right into a Kirlia. Head to Gapejaw Bog or the Shrouded Ruins to locate your self a Ralts.

The Alabaster Icelands spawns for Kirlia are situated in the northeast of the area at Snowpoint Temple and Heart’s Crag (Credit to for the map used underneath).

Whichever manner you get your Kirlia, you are going to then just want to deliver it again to Arezu and display it to her. Once you have got, you’ll unlock any other batch of new hairstyles!

That’s the whole thing you want to find out about unlocking more hairstyles in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! You will to find quite a few informative content material at the game in the Pokemon Arceus phase of our site.