Is there a difference between a copy and a photocopy?

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Is there a difference between a copy and a photocopy?

is that photocopy is a copy made the use of a photocopier while copy is the result of copying (confer unique); an similar duplication.

Is a scan a photocopy?

A photocopy is particularly the product/result of scanning a piece of paper on a copy device or printer. For instance, you’ll be able to copying information in your computer’s desktop, but those are not photocopies (even though you print them). Original copy would check with the record you’re scanning on the copy device/printer.

What occurs if you happen to photocopy a mirror?

If it hits a reflect, it displays off at only one perspective, the specular mirrored image attitude which satisfies perspective of incidence equals the angle of reflection. If the sunshine detector in the copier is no longer located in order that the specular mirrored image attitude is gathered through it, then a replicate will seem black.

Can you employ a photocopy of your passport?

Urban legend says that photocopying your passport, as an official government file, is illegal — but the federal government recommends that you are making a number of copies of your passport in certain situations.

What is regarded as a photocopy?

Definition of photocopy. (Entry 1 of 2) : a copy of usually revealed subject matter made with a process by which a picture is shaped via the motion of sunshine normally on an electrically charged floor. photocopy.

Is photocopy similar as Xerox?

is that photocopy is to make a copy the usage of a photocopier whilst xerox is (slang|north the us) to make a paper copy or copies by the use of a photocopier.

Can you photocopy at the library?

You can still get entry to a range of library services at home. Nearly all libraries have a photocopier, and some libraries have computer systems with scanners so you’ll be able to make electronic copies. There are fees for copying and printing.

Can you see white out on a copy?

No the copymachine can see in the course of the white paint and take a look at the words beneath and make absolute best copies of the unique.

How do I photocopy more than one pages?

If you might be copying multiple web page, place your stack of pages within the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) on top of the gadget (generally best of the web page, turned up and dealing with left). Your copier may be on the network, and you’ll be the usage of it as your printer or scanner.

What is a photocopy of passport?

Make 2 Copies of your Passport ID Page. Make two copies of your passport ID page – that is the web page with your image, your date of birth, etc. This can also be an image scan or hard copy. Give one copy to any person you believe – a friend, family member, or assistant – in case you need to touch them whilst to your trip.

Is a image a photocopy?

is that photograph is (“photographer”) whilst photocopy is a copy made the use of a photocopier.

How do I photocopy my passport?

How to get a micro Xerox copy from an HP printer – Quora. You need to feed the original file at the scanner glass or into the Automatic Document Feeder. On the printer’s keep an eye on panel,faucet the Copy icon. Tap Back to revert to the Copy screen.