Lost Ark Bard Engravings Guide – Best Available Options!

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Bard is Lost Ark’s primary toughen elegance and one in every of two lately available classes for Mage characters. This musical magician weaves tales of bravery into spells to inspire and aide their allies to triumph over insurmountable odds. If you’re taking a look to be the best bard you’ll be able to be, glance no additional.

Bard Engravings Guide

The Bard magnificence comes with two unique engravings specific to their elegance. These engravings greatly change your playstyle, and as a result of this they’re the middle level to any engravings build. For Bard, these engravings are True Courage and Desperate Salvation.

What exactly do these engravings do?

  • True Courage – Lv. 3: Serenade of Courage makes outgoing Damage +20% and Crit Rate +10%.
  • Desperate Salvation – Lv. 3: When the restoration effect ends, an additional restoration effect is activated, recovering 24% of your Max HP.

Currently, the only “meta” build for Bard revolves around Desperate Salvation. While True Courage sounds nice on paper, its effectiveness in a gaggle serve as is lovely underwhelming in comparison to the ability Desperate Salvation provides. To keep on with top-of-the-line Bard construct, we’re going to be focussing on a Desperate Salvation build.

This record isn’t entire. It leaves room for one or two flexible engraving selections of your choice. However, the listed engravings are priority, and will have to be taken earlier than anything you add.

Bard Desperate Salvation Build

  • Desperate Salvation
  • AwakeningLv. 3: Awakening Skill Cooldown -50%. +3 maximum makes use of.
  • Expert – Lv. 3: Shield and Healing effectiveness on all Party Members +24%. If target’s HP is 50% or lower, +12% additional effectiveness.
  • Emergency Rescue – Lv. 3: When HP falls below 30%, gain a protect equal to 50% of Max HP for 6s. If the protect isn’t destroyed after 6s, recuperate 50% of the remainder protect as HP. (Cooldown: 180s.)
  • Heavy Armor – Lv. 3: All Defense +100%. This further Defense is proof against Defense Reduction effects.
  • Max MP Increase – Lv. 3: Max MP +30%.
  • Cursed Doll – Lv. 3: Atk. Power +16%. Healing -25%, natural restoration excluded.
  • Grudge – Lv. 3: Damage +20% to Boss or above monsters. Incoming damage +20%.

That’s the entirety you wish to have to understand to construct your Bard in Lost Ark! If you’ve came upon a greater Engravings construct, make sure to let positive know in the comments! Check out our different Lost Ark articles for other magnificence builds and guides.