Minecraft Lush Caves Seeds (1.18) – Bedrock & Java

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Mojang has been making some lovely severe updates to Minecraft, and within the 1.18 model of the game, there can be much more to discover. One of these spaces goes to be naturally spawning Lush Cave biomes. You will to find various plant life in these biomes, together with moss, grass, azalea, vines, and cave vines with glow berries! There can be dripleaf vegetation which will only spawn in Lush Cave biomes that experience shallow lakes in them.

Minecraft 1.18 is now launched, so so long as you’ve updated your game you should be capable of play any of those seeds on Bedrock or Java!

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Lush Cave Seeds List

Lush caves are a wonderful biome to explore, and we’ve were given moderately a few seeds that characteristic in particular superb caves to explore! If you’re suffering to find those caves, check out our the right way to find lush caves put up.

Coral Lake Lush Cave Cove Seed

This seed could have you spawn immediately right into a badlands biome, which carries a larger probability to find gold to dig up and mines to explore. Very shut through is a beautiful coral lake that feeds into an incredible lush cave biome space.


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -2 80 30
  • Coral Lake: 8 63 -21
  • Lush Caves: -39 77 -129
  • Mineshaft: 128 Sixty seven 41
  • Village: 903 70 85

Mushroom Island & Many Biomes Seed

While you won’t spawn without delay on this huge mushroom island, you’ll hop into a ship and make your manner across some ocean to achieve it. Once you’ve gotten you’ll to find mooshroom cows and an enormous cave that almost reaches all the strategy to bedrock. If you travel alongside the island long enough, you are going to find an Azalea Tree, this means that you can dig down to search out yourself a lush cave biome. According to the Reddit submit, you’ll also find all the biomes surrounding this space. I will say that this seed is MASSIVE, so be sure to’re ready for some long travel to achieve certain areas of it.


  • Seed: 1325351762
  • Credit: Reddit

Points of Interest

  • Mushroom Island: -12 68 118
  • Azalea Tree: -187 79 -554
  • Ocean Monument: 159 Sixty one 382
  • Ocean Monument #2: -210 61 -352

Badlands Lush Cave Seed

Badlands biomes are identified for their mine spawns and this one isn’t any other. You will discover a mine very with reference to spawn that you’ll be able to discover. However, the primary event for this seed is just a little of a shuttle alongside the badlands mountains. You will ultimately discover a massive opening that leads you into a fantastic lush cave biome!


  • Seed: -2606690663582892128
  • Credit: Reddit

Points of Interest

  • Mine: -173 69 2
  • Ocean Ruins: -267 64 126
  • Bamboo Jungle Biome: -507 95 -36
  • Lush Cave Entrance: -1109 Seventy seven 411

Massive Lush Cave System Seed

Lush Caves are a ravishing biome that you’ll discover and feature a laugh with in Minecraft now. If you wish to have to explore a vast area of this landscape, then you’ll be able to use this seed. You spawn very just about this massive cave system the place all of the stunning crops of the biome is on show!


  • Seed: 6096073112523391586
  • Credit: Reddit

Points of Interest

  • Cave Entrance: 248 64 -143

Bamboo Jungle & Lush Caves Seed

I’d best suggest this seed to avid gamers on the lookout for a extra atmospheric setting for his or her subsequent playthrough! You start off within the jungle bamboo biome, and underneath you are going to in finding some lush caves to explore. You are surrounded by way of a massive dark forest, and within reach you will discover a frozen peaks mountain range that surrounds a gloomy forest. If you’re on the lookout for a large number of environment and don’t care about generated structures, you could find it with this seed.


  • Seed: 1485988664
  • Credit: YouTube

Points of Interest

  • Lush Cave: -Sixty five 49 -194
  • Large Lush Cave: -95 8 -22
  • Ocean Monument: -911 61 -369
  • Frozen Peaks Surrounding Dark Forest: 426 one hundred seventy 242

Pirates Cove & Village Seed

If you wish to have a seed with a lot of generated buildings then this pirate cove seed could be the only for you! You spawn proper subsequent to a village, however the real attraction is just a bit tactics around the ocean. Hop into a ship and make your means around the sea and you are going to find a huge mountainous house with a cove beneath to be explore. Nearby is an Ocean Monument, and near that you will discover a fishing village that stretches up to the mountain. You can go addi
tional onto the land and you’ll find a mansion and subsequent to that can be a lush cave biome!


  • Seed: 1137461630
  • Credit: YouTube

Points of Interest

  • Spawn Village: 206 86 309
  • Ocean Monument: Seventy nine 61 -370
  • Pirate Cove: 154 63 -473
  • Ocean Village: -158 63 -242
  • Mansion: 589 114 -598
  • Lush Cave: 381 69 -635

Those are all the Lush Caves seeds for Minecraft that we are that includes right now! We’ll be updating this web page with additional seeds sooner or later. Be positive to try the Minecraft phase of our web site for extra protection of the sport.