Minecraft Mountain Seeds (1.18) – Bedrock & Java

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Minecraft has been modified vastly in the 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2! These changes have altered the way in which worlds are structured and the way the land to your games is formed. This seems to be keen on the best, for the reason that worlds are way more fascinating and add a sense of wonder to exploration. If you need to start out your subsequent construct within the top altitudes of the mountains, we’ve got some nice seeds for you!

We are simplest together with seeds that paintings on each Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft. However, you could to find that one of the generated buildings do not appear in the similar puts. Unfortunately, whilst the seeds are mostly the similar, this is the one house the place they are able to range.

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Mountain Seeds List

All of the next seeds characteristic mountains as their biggest selling level. However, you should to find various different things to like about every of them, so you will produce other facets to work with for your next build.

Jagged Peaks Mountain Seed

While this mountain doesn’t achieve the highest of the height restrict, it does get lovely close! You’ve got the large jagged peaks biome this is surrounded by means of a dense birch wooded area. Not too a long way from here is a badlands mountain and a large village in the savanna!

You must commute a little to get to the jagged peaks, but near the spawn is a village, swamp biome, and witch’s hut to checkout! Once you’ve got what you want, you’ll then head into the mountain levels.


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: 0 68 2
  • Village: -357 72 -389
  • Swamp Biome: -151 63 -685
  • Witch’s Hut: -195 63 -913
  • Jagged Peaks: -622 199 357
  • Badlands Mountains: -904 215 853
  • Savanna Village: -1071 ninety seven 621

Savanna Mountain Crater Seed

While most of the time you’re going to seek out mountains that characteristic snowy peaks, this seed provides you with a big mountain vary that features a massive crater like heart with a waterfall and a few deep caves. You may also to find a couple of within reach villages to explore. An excellent seed for anyone who wants mountains but isn’t having a look to reside in the cold.


  • Seed: -2055721043
  • Credit: YouTube

Points of Interest

  • Spawn: 31 91 17
  • Savanna Mountain Crater: -244 124 -138
  • Village #1: -269 104 -326
  • Village #2: -232 114 114

Massive Mountains Seed

Looking for a seed that in reality spells out what the 1.18 update is all about? Well, this seed presentations off the large cliffs and mountains that may now spawn. It has many giant caves you’ll explore, and no longer too a ways away from spawn are a few villages to talk over with. You can also in finding a couple of ruined portals and a pillager outpost inside walking distance.


  • Seed: 1688435240
  • Credit: Reddit

Points of Interest

  • Village #1: 124 131 -343
  • Village #2: -260 80 -409
  • Ruined Portal: a hundred forty five 119 -623
  • Pillager Outpost: 152 114 -705

High Mountain Peaks Seed

Another nice seed if you wish to be surrounded by way of massive icy mountains and have beautiful vistas to view. You can park yourself down in the meadow in the midst of all the gorgeous mountains, or build atop the mountain and examine the landscape. There’s additionally a close-by village and pillager outpost that you’ll be able to checkout!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: Zero 85 -1
  • High Mountains: -403 90 -643
  • Village: -927 110 -927
  • Pillager Outpost: -1263 63 -1231

Snow Mountain Island Seed

In this seed, you spawn on an enormous island with an enormous snow covered mountain with beautiful waterfalls cascading down the slopes. You will find an ocean monument no longer too some distance away to explore. This can be a good survival island in the event you don’t need to make the task too tough for you. Most generated constructions are beautiful far away, so handiest select this seed if you happen to’re in search of a nice place to construct!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -19 91 -61
  • Ocean Monument: -928 61 -354

Mountain Range with Lake Seed

While Minecraft 1.18 has brought fairly a couple of of those seeds with round mountain ranges, this one may well be the best. It is huge and has a fantastic lake with some forest at the heart. You can also check out some within sight caves. If you wish to have to challenge out of the mountain vary, you’ll discover a bunch of village
s and a jungle biome to discover!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -35 87 23
  • Jungle Biome: 17 85 -120
  • Village on the River: -379 103 -123
  • Village #2: -660 117 49
  • Village #3: -574 sixty two 283
  • Pillager Outpost: -496 89 -408

Snowy Mountains & Plains Valley Seed

While you gained’t spawn without delay at this location, it is definitely worth the touring time to get there! This seed options a big valley set between large snowy mountains that spans for a really perfect distance. Along the best way you’re going to come across a big cave to discover. This is a gorgeous seed for anyone in search of a scenic valley!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: 181 77 -261
  • Mountain Valley Range: 1472 87 -1256
  • Ruined Portal: 1396 124 -1014

Those are all the mountain seeds for Minecraft that we have at the moment! We’ll be updating this page with additional seeds in the future. Be sure to try the Minecraft segment of our website online for extra protection of the game.