Minecraft Survival Island Seeds (June 2022) – 1.18 Bedrock & Java

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If you play Minecraft, on occasion it’s great to get away from it all and get started out in a deserted place. This may also be anyplace, nevertheless it most often comes to a seaside, ocean, and no longer much else. That’s why you may enjoy making an attempt your hand at Survival Island in Minecraft. This is extra of a problem, and what you do is spawn on an island in the middle of nowhere and take a look at to continue to exist! We have some Minecraft Survival Island seeds that are meant to get started you off at the proper foot.

We are simplest together with seeds that paintings on both Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft. However, chances are you’ll to find that one of the most generated constructions don’t appear in the same puts. Unfortunately, whilst the seeds are most commonly the same, that is the only area the place they are able to vary.

If you’re on the lookout for extra new worlds to check out, take a look at our Minecraft 1.18 Seeds put up for some nice starting points.

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Survival Island Seeds List

Survival Island in Minecraft is a solution to play the game that offers you an extra challenge to your survival. Spawn on an island and notice if you’ll be able to keep your self alive for so long as conceivable. Play this on Hardcore for some further issue. If you’re on the lookout for a place to start out out on, we’ve got some great seeds for you.

Jungle Cove Survival Island Seed

If you want a extra distinctive experience when doing a survival island run then this jungle coated island with a large cove in this can be a great get started. Explore through the caves and spot if you’ll be able to live on in the jungles of Minecraft!


  • Seed: -1151205406
  • Credit: YouTube

Points of Interest

  • Spawn: 371 69 219

Village Survival Island Seed

Great little survival island seed that includes a couple of small islands with one in all them that includes a beautiful good sized village. The better island has a nice cave that you can get down into to quickly get some rarer materials.


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: 485 70 310
  • Village: 647 69 253

Lonely Survival Island Seed

If you wish to have to survive a lonely island clear of it all and live on then you definitely will have to find what you’re in search of with this seed. You get a pleasant flat island to spawn on with a couple of bushes and most likely some animal spawns. If you wish to have to mission out from the island, you’ll find a shipwreck, ocean monument, and a village not too a ways away!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -341 69 -298
  • Shipwreck: -637 62 -506
  • Ocean Monument: -752 61 -479
  • Village: -689 sixty four 180

Snow Mountain Survival Island Seed

In this seed, you spawn on a huge island with a massive snow lined mountain with stunning waterfalls cascading down the slopes. You will find an ocean monument now not too far away to discover. This is most certainly an more straightforward island due to the scale, so you need to try it out as a newbie. Most generated buildings are beautiful far away, so simplest pick out this seed if you’re in search of a pleasant position to build!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn: -19 91 -61
  • Ocean Monument: -928 61 -354

Small Survival Island Seed

You spawn on this tree stuffed small island that has some fascinating elevations to it. See if you’ll organize to keep yourself alive by means of best the usage of the resources you to find in this house!


Points of Interest

  • Spawn Island: -323 97 -302

Those are all the Survival Island seeds for Minecraft that we are that includes at this time! We’ll be updating this web page with additional seeds in the future. Be sure to take a look at the Minecraft segment of our website for more protection of the game.