Mystery Merchant Spawn Times & Location in Pet Simulator X

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Roblox Pet Simulator X has released the follow-up to its large Halloween update, and with that replace is the discharge of the Mystery merchant which can briefly appear on all servers. If you need to get access to this merchant, who sell pets at a large discount, we will display you how!

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Mystery Merchant Guide

To find the Mystery Merchant, you will need to head either to the Cave space in Spawn World or you will need to pass to the Trading Plaza. If you may have been playing the game in any respect, you likely have already got get entry to to the Cave in Spawn World.

The Mystery Merchant best sticks round in the game for 10 mins at a time and has a limited provide of pets that can be purchased. However, the inventory is amazingly treasured for the reason that pets are discounted and can be one of the crucial highest energy pets in the sport on the time!

Mystery Merchant Countdown

If you’re at a loss for words at the timing for when the Mystery Merchant will display up, now we have added a couple of timers for each and every of the times it spawns in the game!

12:00am CST Spawn Time

0 Days 10 Hours 58 Min 0 Sec

12:00pm CST Spawn Time

0 Days 22 Hours 58 Min 0 Sec

Cave Location

The Cave is the final unlocked space that you can get in Spawn World, and opens up the cannon that can hearth you off to Fantasy World. You can get right of entry to it from the Teleport menu, or you’ll be able to simply head to Spawn World and run all of the technique to the end to locate it. The cave is beautiful vacant, but you’ll in finding the Mystery Merchant on the proper aspect of the cave. It has shiny pink crystals capturing out from it and is difficult to omit.

Trading Plaza

The Trading Plaza entrance can also be found in Spawn World behind all of the eggs that are on the market. Unfortunately, you will want a million Diamonds to unencumber it. Once you do, you are going to have get admission to to near to all the available machines in the sport in one position, together with the Mystery Merchant when it spawns.


The prices on these pets are much not up to anything else you’ll in finding on the normal Traveling Merchant. here’s an instance of one of them, where it is advisable to purchase a Mythical Gold Ghoul Horse, Rainbow Grim Reaper, and the Mythical Rainbow Ghoul Horse. You can most effective acquire positive tier of pet according to your appreciate degree. You can recently get to Respect Level 3, and it is important to purchase pets from the vendor to release them.

That’s the entirety you wish to have to find out about discovering the Mystery Merchant in Roblox Pet Simulator X! You can take a look at additional info at the recreation in the Pet Simulator X portion of our web page.