Should I kill Nilsine Shattershield?

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Should I kill Nilsine Shattershield?

She will even provide an not obligatory target, Nilsine Shatter-Shield, alternatively Nilsine does not must be killed to complete this quest.

Why does Muiri need Nilsine useless?

Nilsine is an non-compulsory individual to kill in the Dark Brotherhood quest “Mourning Never Comes.” Muiri tells the Dragonborn Nilsine forged her out, because of the belief that she conspired with Alain Dufont to rob her family, in spite of Muiri’s innocence.

Who has the Hjerim key Skyrim?


How do I personal Hjerim?

Hjerim may also be bought having sided with either the Imperial Legion or Stormcloaks. Once allied with the Stormcloaks, the Rescue from Fort Neugrad quest should be finished sooner than Jorleif will make the home to be had on the market.

How do you examine the crime scene in Skyrim?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Go to the homicide scene in Windhelm’s graveyard and talk to the guard.
  2. Talk to Jorleif within the Palace of Kings in Windhelm.
  3. Talk to Helgird in Windhelm’s Hall of the Dead.
  4. Follow the path of blood to Hjerim and acquire the key.
  5. Search Hjerim for evidence.
  6. Talk to Viola Giordano and Calixto Corrium.

Can you save Susanna the wicked?

No, you’ll be able to’t. You can check out, however she remains lifeless. They could have messed with her ID so she’s treated as a conveyable container, like a pot.

Where can I get Arivanya?

Windhelm Stables

What time does the butcher pop out in Skyrim?

Patrol the market district, after about 5pm (in recreation) the assassin seems and kills any other younger woman. You then give chase, the murderer will make his as far back as the abandoned house. Once inside of he (Calixto Corrium) will attack you. Kill and loot his body.

What do I do with the odd amulet?

Selling Calixto the Strange Amulet is the only option to turn it into the Necromancer’s Amulet. If you reject his offer, the abnormal amulet will stay a quest merchandise, leaving it completely assigned in your inventory.

How do you start blood at the ice after killing Ulfric?

Use the console command sqv ms11 to bring up an inventory of quest variables and search for a RefID classified “CrimeSceneInvestigator”, then use the instructions prid and moveto participant . This will move the guard in your location, allowing you to begin the hunt.

How do you restart a quest in Skyrim?

Open the console by means of pressing the tilde key (in most cases found without delay under the break out button), input that command with the relevant quest ID, and it’s going to reset that quest.

Why can’t I get into Calixto’s area?

Calixto’s House of CuriositiesEdit While Calixto is unsleeping between 5am and 12am, his door is only unlocked from 8am till 8pm, the similar as a regular retailer. Outside of those hours, it’s locked with a leveled lock.

What degree does blood at the ice start?

Starting “Blood on the Ice” When it reaches 4, the Blood at the Ice quest can be available, even though two more conditions must be met: The participant has to go into Windhelm, either via the principle gate, the docks gate, or by way of fast-traveling, between 7pm and 7am.