Slayers Unleashed All Clans List – Every Rarity!

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If you’re having a look to become the most powerful character in Roblox Slayer Unleashed then you definitely’re going to want to have the precise extended family for the respiring technique you decide to make use of. There are numerous different clans you’ll become, but some are extra uncommon than others. We’ll check out all of the to be had clans within the recreation in this post.

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In the list beneath, you are going to find all of the recently available clans. The list is going from the commonest to the rarest extended family. If you aren’t pleased with the clan you have got you’ll always reroll it with a code or by paying 75 Robux.

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Slayers Unleashed Clans List

  • NEW: Kibutsuji Clan (1% Chance) – 2x XP, will increase well being regeneration by way of 30%, will increase Muzan BDA damage by 20%
  • Himejima Clan (1% Chance) – 2x EXP, Boosts Stone Breathing injury through 15% and health regeneration via 25%
  • Kanroji Clan (?? Chance) – Increases damage when the use of Love strikes
  • Tomioka Clan (60% Chance) – 1.2x Damage when the usage of Water moves
  • Urokodaki Clan (40% Chance) – Gets a unfastened Tengu Mask of their stock (Coming Soon)
  • Agatsuma Clan (20% Chance) – 1.3x Damage when using Thunder Moves
  • Kocho Clan (15% Chance) – 1.6x Damage when the usage of Insect Moves, however does half the wear when the use of a sword or all the way through standard combat
  • Hashibira Clan (10% Chance) – 1.3x Damage the use of Beast Moves + additional 5% on Stamina
  • Uzui Clan (6% Chance) – Buffs injury to Sound Breathing
  • Iguro Clan (5% Chance) – Increases the wear and tear over time of the Venom effect by means of 25%
  • Rengoku Clan (5% Chance) – 1.3x Damage the usage of Flame Moves + 10% on Health
  • Tsuyuri Clan (5% Chance) – Buffs injury to Flower Breathing
  • Shinazugawa Clan (2% Chance) – 1.3x Damage the use of Wind + 10% damage on Sword Combat
  • Tokito Clan (2%) – 1.3x Damage using Mist, Extra Stamina, Increased Running Speed, +50% chance to get Moon Breathing
  • Kamado Clan (1% Chance) – 2x EXP, +10% Damage, can use Sun Breathing
  • Tsugikuni (1% Chance) – 2x EXP, +10% Damage, +85% likelihood to get Moon Breathing

That’s the whole lot we know in regards to the clans in Roblox Slayers Unleashed. We’ll replace this submit with more information as extra are released, and update any bonuses if they’re changed or added at some point!