Tapping Gods Codes (June 2022) – Alien Update!

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In Roblox Tapping Gods, you are going to be slapping the tap button up to possible to earn Taps which you can turn in for Rebirths. Those Rebirths will earn you Diamonds which you can then purchase additional pets that can assist you gain a complete lot more Taps. Keep tapping away until you end up high up at the leaderboard!

You can use the gem stones, pets, taps, and diamonds from our Tapping Gods codes listing to up your skill to jump up the leaderboards!

All Tapping Gods Codes:

  • WOW25M – Redeem code for 20,000 Diamonds (NEW)
  • WARPED – Redeem code for a Black Hole Pet
  • PORTALPET – Redeem code for a Portal Pet
  • 20MILLION – Redeem code for a unfastened Reward
  • 15MILLION – Redeem code for a unfastened Reward
  • SUPERREBIRTH – Redeem code for 6,000 Gems
  • SORRY – Redeem code for six,000 Gems
  • MOVIES – Redeem code for 6,000 Gems
  • r7u55o – Redeem code for 1x World Multiplier
  • KNIGHT – Redeem this code for a free Reward
  • 200KGROUP – Redeem code for a unfastened Pet
  • THANKYOU – Redeem code for a free Pet
  • ALIEN – Redeem code for a free Pet
  • Clownso – Redeem code for 3,000 Diamonds
  • Blueso – Redeem code for 1,000 Diamonds
  • Russo – Redeem code for 500 Taps
  • BLUE – Redeem code for 500 Taps
  • RELEASE – Redeem code for 500 Taps
  • Filtered – Redeem code for 250 Taps and 250 Diamonds
  • CoolTapin line with – Redeem code for 750 Taps
  • HIDDEN – Redeem code for 245 Diamonds

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Tapping Gods FAQs

How do you redeem codes in Tapping Gods?

All you have to do is head into Tapping Gods and click on the Shop icon and then search for the Twitter button at the aspect of the menu. Click on it and this will open up the code redemption window. Copy some of the codes from our list, paste it into the field, and hit redeem to receive your reward!

How do I get extra codes for Tapping Gods?

To in finding extra codes, make sure to sign up for the RussoPerforms Discord, who are the builders of the game. Otherwise, we can be updating this wiki with the entire most up-to-date codes, so be sure you bookmark the page!

Game Description

FULL Rewrite is here!
FREE Black Hole Pet code “WARPED”
FREE Portal Pet code “PORTALPET”
NEW Warped Dimension
New Warped Token Currency – Tap to earn!
4 New Eggs
New Robux Eggs/Pet Shop Pet!
New Rebirth/Super Rebirth Buttons
UI Optimizations
Performance Optimizations
New Gamepass

Welcome to Tapping Gods! In this game you utilize your Tap button to earn Taps, in which you’ll Rebirth, and acquire Diamonds! Buy pets along with your Taps, and use Diamonds to unlock Pets, which come up with higher multipliers!


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Produced by @RussoTalks @OneLegitDev @RBl_ColonelSanders

Contributors: @FilteredScript @Dobdev @Ayzilo_o

Pets modeled by way of @CursedHyp3r @Yzbzi_7 @Domiscius
Thumbnails through @Seafinity1, @FlaxLol and @XandsGFX