Wacky Wizards All Ingredients List & Locations (June 2022)

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In Wacky Wizards you are able to make plenty of different potions with many alternative ingredients. There’s a number of them, so we don’t expect you so that you can in finding them all on your own. That’s where we come in as a result of we now have all the list of ingredients and where you’ll to find them!

You will find all of the Wacky Wizards ingredients within the list beneath. You start with six ingredients that you’ll be able to use for basic potions. Additional ingredients may also be discovered by means of quests and locating them across the map. Some of these can be completely added in your table when you throw them on your cauldron. Other secret ingredients can be found that may exchange your personality model to seem like one of the developers or other well-known gamers. Finally, there’s a suite of ingredients that may most effective be used if you purchase them with Gems.

Links were added to positive ingredients that may show you in more detail where to find them if the quick description isn’t enough!

Find all the recipes within the game by means of testing our Wacky Wizards Potions List!

Wacky Wizards Ingredients List

  • Taco – Obtained by way of finding the aspect on the volcano towards the again.
  • Birthday Cake – Obtained by way of grabbing the match from the Spider Cave and lights the candles at the birthday cake close to the wilderness pyramid
  • Jellybean – Obtained by finding the element in Oz’s cabin on the bookshelf
  • Paintbrush – Obtained by way of finishing the Oz farm quest
  • Illuminati Pyramid – Obtained by means of finding the element at the map
  • Coconut – Obtained through completing the Bean Volcano Event
  • Faberge Egg – Obtained by means of finishing the Easter quest in 2022
  • Star Shard – Obtained via finishing the Elon Musk quest
  • Snake Head – Premium ingredient bought with Gems
  • Ethereum Crystal – Obtained via completing the Robot quest
  • Pot Of Gold – Obtained via finishing the Leprechaun quest
  • Tumble Weed – Obtained via completing the obstacle course on the train
  • Pirate Hat – Obtained by means of finishing the treasure quest started underwater on the lake
  • Egyptian Head – Obtained by means of finishing the glyph quest in the desert pyramid
  • New Year’s Ball – Found near the waterfall above the new yr signal
  • Cloud – Premium ingredient bought with Gems
  • Carrot – Obtained by hitting no less than 20 moles at the farm
  • Gingerbread Man – Obtained via completing the Gingerbread Man’s House quest
  • Snowman 2021 – Obtained through amassing 1,800 Candy Canes all over the Christmas 2021 tournament
  • Snowball – Obtained in piles around the map all through the Christmas 2021 event
  • Cooked Turkey – Obtained via finishing the Turkey quest
  • Turkey – Obtained at the mountain close to the waterfall
  • Walking Cane – Obtained via finishing the Oz quest in his cave
  • Oz’s Wallet – Obtained through completing the Oz quest in his cave
  • Anime Sword – Premium ingredient bought with Gems
  • Corn – Obtained by completing the maze
  • Ghost – Obtained through completing the Ghost Hunter quest during the Halloween 2021 event
  • Manu – Obtained from a tree in the Goblin Village
  • Skull – Obtained through killing zombies during the Halloween 2021 event
  • Pumpkin – Obtained by means of collecting 1,800 Candy during the Halloween 2021 tournament
  • Disco Ball – Obtained by completing the Cave Club quest
  • Superhero Cape – Premium ingredient purchased with Gems
  • Mariofly5’s Mask – Found within the Goblin’s Village at the proper aspect at the back of a rock
  • Void Star – Found subsequent to Dumpster Diver Dan near the lake
  • Fedora – Found at the back of the Goblin’s Village at the back of a boulder
  • Nexure’s Head – Found in the tipped over cauldron within the Wizard’s Cave
  • Nomer’s Head – Found on most sensible of a cactus in the wilderness
  • Axolotl – Found underwater in the lake close to the waterfall
  • Alien Parasite – Obtained by completing the UFO quest
  • Cow Hat – Obtained via chatting with Dumpster Diver Dan close to the lake
  • Gun – Obtained through reaching level Nine on your potion book
  • Air Strike – Premium element bought with Gems
  • Frog – Obtained via completing the Goblin Village Quest
  • Kaden – Found above and at the back of the waterfall
  • KSI – Found at the top and at the back of the volcano
  • Eggcano – Obtained all the way through the Volcano Event
  • Cauldron – Premium element bought with Gems
  • Honey – Obtained by finishing the Queen Bee Quest
  • Sleepy Bee – Found within the beehive hooked up to the small tree subsequent to the obby tree
  • Mount – Premium element bought with Gems
  • Pet Tags – Obtained by finishing the quiz in the cave
  • Justin – Found throughout the trees that result in Oz the Wizard
  • Boxing Gloves – Obtained by finishing the Witches vs. Wizards quest
  • Brain – Starter Ingredient
  • Fairy – Starter Ingredient
  • Giant’s Ear – Starter Ingredient
  • Giraffe Hoof – Starter Ingredient
  • Pool Noodle – Starter Ingredient
  • Rotten Sandwich – Starter Ingredient
  • Beans – Complete the Beans quest in the Volcano
  • Bird – Found in the huge obby tree in wooded area
  • Chameleon – Found in the woodland on a tree limb
  • Chilli – Found in the wasteland underground
  • Dynamite – Found within the desolate tract underneath the train tracks bridge
  • Fish – Found underwater in a cave near the waterfall
  • Robux – Obtained by slaying the Mr. Rich boss and turning in the Cyclops Eye to the Wizard
  • Spider – Found in Spider Cave by way of going thru a small opening in the back the usage of a Tiny Potion
  • Witches Brew – Complete the Witch’s quest within the wilderness cave
  • Cleetus’s Hat – Found within the Wizard’s Cave on a rock
  • Cyclops Eye – Obtained by slaying the Mr. Rich boss
  • Foryxe’s Head – Found within the cave at the back of the waterfall
  • Jandel’s Head – Found in the back of the cactus next to the Witch’s Cave
  • Jayingee Note – Found in the Spider Cave at the right taped to the wall
  • Premiumsalad – Found on top of a tree in the forest
  • Sketch – Found underwater close to the waterfall subsequent to purple kelp
  • You – Drink a Shrink Ray potion whilst standing on most sensible of your cauldron
  • Beard – Premium aspect purchased with Gems
  • Frozen Egg – Premium element purchased with Gems
  • Hat of Gears – Premium factor bought with Gems
  • Magic Seed – Premium ingredient purchased with Gems
  • Wheel – Premium ingredient purchased with Gems

Those are all of the lately identified ingredients for Wacky Wizards! We’ve got every other submit that includes all of the Wacky Wizards Recipes and Potions that exist in the sport. We will stay that list and this one up to date as soon as any further ingredients or potions are added.