What are some good fortunes to put in a fortune teller?

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What are some good fortunes to put in a fortune teller?

Some examples of fortunes include:

  • You will get an “A” on a test.
  • You might be rich.
  • Good fortune can be yours.
  • You could have many friends.
  • Do a good deed today.
  • Someone will name you these days.
  • You will cross to a birthday party soon.
  • Be cautious on Tuesday.

What must a fortune teller say?

Your center is in a position to draw true happiness. A thrilling time is in your near future. The one you love is nearer than you think. Plan for many pleasures ahead….

  • It is certain.
  • It is decidedly so.
  • Without a doubt.
  • Yes – definitely.
  • You might depend on it.
  • As I see it, sure.
  • Most most likely.
  • Outlook good.

What must you write in a cootie catcher?

It’s time to fill in your cootie catcher:

  1. On best of the flaps, write a number.
  2. Then, open every flap and write a fortune or prediction.
  3. Finally, on the out of doors flaps, write the identify of a colour.

What do you write inside of a fortune cookie?

Traditional Fortune Cookie Love Messages

  1. “The love of your life is true in front of your eyes.”
  2. “Behind this fortune is the love of my life.”
  3. “You have a secret admirer.”
  4. “Love, as a result of it is the simplest true journey.”
  5. “The love of your existence will seem in front of you impulsively!”
  6. “An outdated love will come back to you.”

What should I write in my fortune?

Fortunes you’ll write:

  • “Something wonderful is coming your method the following day.”
  • “You will reside a very long and glad lifestyles.”
  • “Do a Good Turn nowadays!”

How do you play with a cootie catcher?

Look for the quantity at the square selected, open and close the Cootie Catcher the right choice of instances. Open up and down and facet to aspect as you rely the correct amount they picked. When you’ve stopped counting look within and let your buddy make a choice once more. Count the numbers, open close, aspect to side, then make a selection again.

How do you make a foldable fortune teller?


  1. STEP 1: Crease a square piece of paper diagonally from each and every nook.
  2. STEP 2: Fold the paper in part from each aspect.
  3. STEP 3: Bring the corners to the middle of the paper.
  4. STEP 4: Put numbers in ascending order at the triangles.
  5. STEP 5: Write the fortunes underneath the flaps.