What are the top 5 biggest cities in Oklahoma?

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What are the top 5 biggest cities in Oklahoma?

10 Largest Cities in Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma City (669,347)
  • Tulsa (402,742)
  • Norman (126,952)
  • Broken Arrow (112,458)
  • Edmond (96,376)
  • Lawton (93,185)
  • Moore (63,261)
  • Midwest City (57,849)

What town is greater Oklahoma City or Tulsa?

All integrated municipalities with a population of 1,000 and above are called cities. The maximum populous town in Oklahoma is Oklahoma City, adopted by way of Tulsa, Norman, Broken Arrow, and Lawton among others….The 10 Biggest Cities In Oklahoma.

Rank 4
City Broken Arrow
Population 98,850
County Tulsa

What is the greatest populated town in Oklahoma?

The Biggest Cities in Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma City. Nicknamed OKC, Oklahoma City is the capital and biggest town in the state of Oklahoma with a inhabitants of 643,648.
  • Tulsa. If you enjoy the appearing arts and reside song, don’t move up Tulsa.
  • Norman.
  • Broken Arrow.
  • Lawton.
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Where should you not live in Oklahoma?

Most Dangerous Cities in Oklahoma

  • Tulsa.
  • Shawnee.
  • Del City.
  • Muskogee.
  • Oklahoma City.
  • Ponca City.
  • Lawton.
  • Ardmore.

Where is the safest city in Oklahoma?

The Southwestern Oklahoma the town is the most secure town in the Sooner State, in keeping with a up to date survey from house security corporate Safewise. Elgin is Oklahoma’s safest town for the third consecutive year….The top ten safest cities in Oklahoma are:

  • Elgin.
  • Lone Grove.
  • Blanchard.
  • Piedmont.
  • Antlers.
  • Verdigris.
  • Hinton.
  • Pocola.

What is the largest city in Oklahoma via inhabitants?

Which city in Oklahoma is greater Oklahoma town or Tulsa?

What is the fastest growing the town in Oklahoma?

Detailed List Of Fastest Growing Places In Oklahoma For 2021

Rank City Growth
1 Piedmont 45.8%
2 Jenks 45.6%
3 Newcastle 37.4%
4 Bixby 36.7%

What is the smallest the town in Oklahoma?

The population used to be two at the 2010 Census, compared to a total of 11 in 2000. It is the smallest integrated municipality in Oklahoma….Lotsee, Oklahoma.

State Oklahoma
County Tulsa
• Total 0.02 sq mi (0.05 km2)

Why is Oklahoma so affordable?

Matt Frankel, CFP and loan analyst for The Motley Fool, said the explanation why Oklahoma housing is cheap is because of a mixture of things, including a considerable amount of developable, flat land. “The real property marketplace is provide and insist, so that takes care of the supply.

What are the most populated cities in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has 77 counties with 597 integrated municipalities including towns and cities. All integrated municipalities with a population of one,000 and above are referred to as cities. The maximum populous city in Oklahoma is Oklahoma City, followed by Tulsa , Norman, Broken Arrow, and Lawton amongst others.

What town in Oklahoma has the greatest inhabitants?

The Oklahoma City metropolitan space had a population of one,396,445, and the Oklahoma City – Shawnee Combined Statistical Area had a population of 1,469,124 residents, making it Oklahoma’s largest municipality and metropolitan area by means of inhabitants.

What are 5 main cities of Oklahoma?


  • Oklahoma City
  • Tulsa
  • Norman
  • Broken Arrow
  • Lawton