What did Tom Hagen say to Frank Pentangeli brother?

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What did Tom Hagen say to Frank Pentangeli brother?

Hagan whispered ”Everything is all proper. The honor of your circle of relatives is intact.”

Who was once Frank Pentangeli’s brother?


Why did Michael kill Frank Pentangeli?

The explanation why this is believed is as a result of Michael is a man of revenge and if the Rosato’s had been traitors he would have killed them off in the ultimate scene. The failed hit on Pentangeli was just dumb good fortune. The Rosato’s have been being cheated through Pentangeli and Michael had told Pentangeli to make peace with the Rosatos.

Why is Sal killed in The Godfather?

His dying was attributed to the Barzini family, since Staten Island was once their territory, which explained the dying of Don Barzini at the same time.

Was that a real horse head in The Godfather?

Audiences rose up in anger over the death of the horse, and lots of asked if it had been an actual animal head. Yes, it was once. The studio had encouraged Francis Ford Coppola to use a faux horse head, but he didn’t just like the mock-up. His scouts discovered a horse able for slaughter at a dog-food plant in New Jersey.

Who did Willie Cicci kill?

Don Cuneo

Who is Rocco in The Godfather?

Tom Rosqui

Who are the Rosato brothers in Godfather?

The Rosato Brothers, Tony and Carmine, were two gangsters who worked for Giuseppe Mariposa within the Thirties, ahead of falling under the aegis of Peter Clemenza. They have been backed up through Hyman Roth in Miami all through the Nineteen Fifties to make a power-play inside the Corleone circle of relatives.

What took place to Pentangeli?

After Clemenza’s death, Pentangeli took over the Clemenza regime, and headed the Corleone circle of relatives’s operations in New York while Michael and Fredo Corleone were in Las Vegas. He also moved into the previous Corleone property on Long Island.

Why Hyman Roth sought after to kill Michael?

After the return to the United States, Michael Corleone ready for conflict with the Roth fans; an assassination strive had failed in a while ahead of the fiasco and Roth urged to Michael that he wanted to avenge Moe Greene, who were killed through an assassin in Las Vegas in 1955.

What does the end of Godfather 2 imply?

The ultimate shot of the film, wherein we see Michael meditating on that idea, is the delivery of the guilt that may hang-out Michael for the remainder of his lifestyles (as noticed in The Godfather Part III). Yes, the ending illustrates that Michael is a loner (he even dies alone), however it additionally illustrates Michael’s coldness.

Who is killed at end of Godfather?

Salvatore Tessio

Did Tom Hagen die in Godfather 2?

The novel and primary film painting Hagen aiding Vito and Michael Corleone in warring towards the other ruling New York Mafia families. His position within the tale between the second and 3rd movies, including his loss of life, is portrayed in Mark Winegardner’s sequel novels, The Godfather Returns and The Godfather’s Revenge.

Who is Al Pacino’s wife in The Godfather?

Simonetta Stefanelli