What does 3 BM Shtr mean?

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What does 3 BM Shtr mean?

Blind Mice

What is 8 P within the SS?

1. 26 = L of the A Letters of the Alphabet
6. 9 = P within the SS Planets within the Solar System
7. 88 = PK Piano Keys
8. 13 = S on the A F Stripes on the American Flag

What is the meaning of 7 W of the W?

26 L of the A: 26 Letters of the Alphabet. 7 D of the W: 7 days of the Week. 7 W of the W: 7 wonders of the sector. 12 S of the Z: 12 signs of the zodiac.

What is 24 h in AD?

24 H in a D. Ans: 24 hours in an afternoon.

What is 5F in H?

Answer: The given letter equation 5F on H implies that 5 Fingers on a Hand.

What is the meaning of 52 C in AP?

52 Cards

What is the meaning of 29 D in F in Ly?

Answer. 29 Days in February in a Leap Year.

What is the total type of 12’s of the Z?

12 S of Z represents 12 Signs of the Zodiac.

What is the meaning of 90 D in a RA?

Answer: Ninety D in a R A => 90 degrees in a Right Angle. This is similar to. 26 L of the A = 26 Letters of the Alphabet.

What is Eleven P in Act?

The given letter equation means that 11 P in a CT manner 11 Players in a Cricket Team.

What is the that means of 206 B in AB?

Solution : Answer : Explanation :206 Bones in the Human Body. Related Answer.

What is the meaning of 64’s on CB?

Sixty four squares

What is 6b AO?

The given letter equation 6 B in an O refers to six Balls in an Over.

What does 15 m on a DMC mean?

That stands for 15 men on a useless guy’s chest.

What is 18 h’on AGC?

18 H on a GC method 18 Holes on a Golf Course.

What does 23 P of C in the HB mean?

23 P of C within the H B = 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human body. 64 S on a C B = Sixty four squares on a chess board.

What does AD Fifty two C mean?

2,000 P in a T = 2,000 kilos in a ton. 6. Fifty two C in a D = Fifty two playing cards in a deck.

What is 88 K on AP?

Can you name the Phrases/Clues/I’m no longer in point of fact certain what to name em?

Clue Answer % Correct
88 Ok on a P 88 keys on a piano 28.2%
Four H of the A 4 horsemen of the apocalypse 27%
Sixty four S on a C B 64 squares on a chess board 26.8%
1001 A N 1001 arabian nights 24.4%

What is 7 C of the R?

7 C in the R = 7 Colours in a Rainbow.

What does Seventy six T within the BP mean?

76 Trombones Led the Big Parade

What does 2 W on AB mean?


What is the meaning of a B 2?

(a+b)2 = a2 + ba + ba +b2. i.e. (a+b)2 = a2 + 2ab + b2. Hence Proved. This easy formula may be used in proving The Pythagoras Theorem. Pythagoras Theorem is one of the first evidence in Mathematics.

What does 21 d ad mean?

“B.C.” stands for the English phrase “prior to Christ,” but “A.D.” stands confusingly for a Latin word: anno domini (“in the 12 months of the Lord”—the 12 months Jesus used to be born). 21 AD approach 21 years after the loss of life of Christ.

What is a Ditloid puzzle?

A ditloid is a type of word puzzle, in which a word, quotation, date, or fact should be deduced from the numbers and abbreviated letters within the clue. Common words akin to ‘the’, ‘in’, ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘of’, ‘to’, and so forth. are not generally abbreviated.

What does two hundred D for PG in M?

The answer is letter ‘f’.

Where is the hiding prisoner?

The prisoner was hiding in house A as this is the only space the place the car used to be pointed against the road for a quick break out. Explanation: At first you’re feeling like the bizarre one out is the only inexperienced one.

What does 6w of h the E mean?

Wives of Henry the Eighth

What is a dingbat quiz?

Dingbats are visual word puzzles from which a well known word or pronouncing has to be known. Although an identical in concept to the puzzles that had been utilized in TV’s “Catchphrase”, dingbats generally depend on textual content fairly than photos, the image taste being more as it should be referred to as a “REBUS”.

Why are dingbats referred to as dingbats?

A dingbat is “an ornamental piece of type for borders, separators, decorations, and many others.” as well as a foolish person. The fonts are referred to as dingbat fonts as a result of they contain such characters. The word’s etymology leads me to imagine that it is a generic word, similar to widget, doohickey, and thingamajig.